DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide: Dogs

Hey! I love the idea of a gift guide, showcasing some of the awesome products out there that would be great to gift to another animal lover, or for their/your pets. To start off this years Daisy Pets gift guides, we are going to start with products for Dogs. These are some of my favourite products, as well as some that I haven't tried but what I think would make a great gift.

Dog Treats:

One Podgy Dog Christmas Hampers
We got the Birthday version of these hampers, and it was amazing. It is filled with a bunch of One Podgy Dogs treats so you can try out a range of treats for a small price. They have three different boxes available and you can see all the treats that would be inside each individual box. This is one of my top gifts for Christmas!

Bow Wow Box Subscription
This is a monthly subscription service that sends boxes filled with treats and a toy to your doorstep each month. I think it would be fantastic as a gift to buy a box, or even a certain number of months and they will get delivered to the door each month so Christmas lasts even longer!

Woofas Doggone Delights Christmas Cracker
These are crackers that contain a combination of treats from Woofas Doggone Delights. They are a New Zealand company and all the treats are grain and beef free that are inside the cracker. This would be a cute small gift for your own pets, or to bring to the house that you are going to for Christmas for their pups to enjoy while you enjoy your own crackers.

We love ours! This is a fantastic present as it is something that isn't commonly around, and is not generally in local stores. It is a treat stick that your dog can lick when you are wanting to treat them, and is perfect if you are often training as it doesn't contain many calories! Purchase online from Puss & Pooch, and use the 'DAISYPETS' coupon code at checkout and you will get 25% off.

Dog Toys:

Zee.Dog Vegetable Range
These toys are multi-purpose, functioning as an interactive treat toy, a chew, and also a bouncy object to play fetch with. They are sturdy, and depending on you and your dogs preference on choice of activity, each vegetable has its own distinct qualities.

Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball
This ball is Diego's most prized possession. This toy is super durable, and has withheld Diego's intense chewing habits. It is also insanely bouncy making for a great game of fetch. The best part? It has a mint flavouring so after playing with it, your dog will have great breath as well.

Dawg Grillz Balls
Another ball, I know. These are too cool not to get involved! We haven't tried these ones yet, but I love how quirky they are, and think that it will be a perfect present for a dog that loves balls. Also, they would make some fantastic photos! The great thing is that they are happy to ship to New Zealand so we will be able to get them here. My personal favourite is the glow in the dark one!

Dog Accessories:

Bow Wow Boutique Collars and Leashes
We are huge fans of Alex and Bow Wow Boutique, and have started to get quite the collection of collars and leashes from her. Bow Wow Boutique have a huge range of different designs, sizes and collar schemes that you will be able to find one that matches the dogs or owners personality perfectly. These collars also stand out a lot, and we are constantly getting compliments on the ones we own.


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