DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide: Small Pets

Hey, we come to you today with another edition of our 2015 DaisyPets Christmas Gift Guide. This one is all our gift ideas for small pets. I am mainly talking Guinea Pigs and Rabbits since I own them, however I figure a lot of them would go well for Rats, Chinchillas and Mice as well. If you have any products that you think would be a great gift for other small pet owners, leave them down below!

Little Chintas Sunburst 
This toy is made up of multiple different textures, and Schmutz our rabbit loved it. The finger traps are easy for them to chew, and then the cardboard circles offer a harder texture for their teeth. Once the fingertraps have all been chewed, the circle made up of the smaller cardboard circles is great for putting hay or vegetables in for an extra challenge.

Little Chintas Daisy Chain
We haven't tried this product, but when searching for links for the other Little Chintas products I couldn't help but add this. It is super cute, and would look amazing in the cage, as well as a great chew toy for small pets. As I said above, the finger traps are great, and then there is willow sticks and balls which I know that our guinea pigs love!

Little Chintas Cuddle Sack
We love these, and BMO won't leave them if it is in their cage. She is super sweet, and is happy to help out to customize it how you wish. We got our ones boned at the entrance so that stayed open, and they are wonderful! They are not hard to clean, just throw them in the wash and they are ready for another use. I recommend this for Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, but wouldn't suggest for rabbits.

Living World Teach n Treat
This is a toy that offer enrichment for your small pet, and can be adjusted for what type of pet you have. Not only did both my guinea pigs get involved, so did Schmutz and the dogs! It is also easy to adjust it depending on their skill level. You hide vegetables and treats into the slots, and they have to move sections to get to them. A great way to add some extra variety into your small pets life.

Gorgeous Guinea Shampoos
We haven't tried these, but always hear raving reviews from other pet bloggers and YouTubers. I have been meaning to make an order for a while now, so maybe I will get these for myself hehe. These are the perfect shampoos for your pigs, gentle enough for their delicate skin. They offer a range of different shampoos depending on what your pig needs and gender. These are from the UK, so just bear that in mind when purchasing these products.


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