Treat Review: Leanlix

Hey! We were lucky enough to get sent a Leanlix from Puss & Pooch, and have been using it for several months now so I think it is time to let you all know our thoughts on the product. Puss & Pooch are the exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor for Leanlix, and you will be able to purchase it online from them. Remember to use the 'DAISYPETS' discount code to get 25% off your purchase, and that is off everything on their site.

Leanlix is a lickable, low calorie dog treat which is in a stick form. They come in three flavours; Free Range Chicken, Bark B-Q and Grass Fed Beef and we have been trialling the Bark B-Q flavour. This is a great and quirky way to treat your dogs, and also healthy for them as three licks roughly equates to one calorie. Leanlix is perfect to take out and about as it isn't messy, you don't have to touch the treat itself, and it lasts twelve months after opening.

The idea of the Leanlix is that when you want to treat the dog, instead of messing with treats, breaking them to the right size and then giving them to the dog, you just put out the Leanlix and they lick the treat. Diego did not like that concept and preferred to put his teeth into it a little bit so that he could scrape more treat off. Doing it that way does mean it is more calories, and won't last as long but it still done the job it was intended to do. As you can see from the photo it does make the treat also look a lot more used. Asha was a lot more dainty and used the Leanlix as intended and licked it.

To get a feel of how enticing it is for a dog we used the Leanlix in heaps of different situations. At home with tricks that Diego already knew he loved it and would nibble it down. When trying to train 'Play Dead' I found that he wouldn't follow it with his nose and body enough for it to lure him. For that, we had to change over to traditional treats. However, when training a new trick that doesn't need luring (For example, jumping through a hoop) it worked great as it was tasty enough as a treat.

We also took the Leanlix to our photoshoot that we had with Hattie & Friends in Wellington. Everyone at the shoot loved it, and couldn't get over how different and innovative it was. When it was Diego's turn for photos, it wasn't luring enough to get him to focus on the camera when there were other distractions. For a certain photo we were wanting to get a dog to hold the Hattie & Friends bag, and it wasn't working too well. Then I had the idea to rub the Leanlix over the handle of the bag so that the dog holds it thinking it is a treat. This worked and here is that awesome shot!

All in all, I love this treat. We have tried products that aim for the same result, and I definitely prefer the Leanlix. If you would like, I could do a comparison post on the both of them. This treat will be great for dogs that are prone to getting overweight, or that you train a lot with treats. Just remember that you may need to use this in conjunction with traditional treats to get the best results. I think that the shelf life being twelve months is also appealing as it means that you don't need to solely use this, but more use it as a different form of treat. As I have already mentioned, we have been using this for multiple months now, and it still has a lot left even though Diego chews on it. It also can tie around your neck, belt or lead so it is easily portable for walks, and you don't have to worry about getting dirty hands. I would recommend this to all dog owners, and especially for dog trainers or walkers. Don't forget to order from with the discount code 'DAISYPETS' to get 25% off.


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