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The Year That's Been: 2015 Third Quarter


July is the start of continuous bad weather for my part of the world. Luckily we got a few days of sunshine in amongst that. The first picture is from our walk to Pencarrow Lighthouse, which is approximately a six hour walk there and back. As you can see from Diego's ears, it was quite windy the day that we went.  The next photo is Diego enjoying his Jolly Pets ball, while it still actually looked like a ball. These days it doesn't resemble a ball very much.

In August we done a post with Puss & Pooch for Yakky Charms, and the top photo is one of the set up photoshoots we done for that post. This is one of the first photos that I have actually set up a background and made Diego pose for, and I quite like it. The next photo is Diego playing with a new toy he got out of a Bow Wow Box, its safe to say that that toy didn't last much past that photo. 

I had so many photos from September, a lot were preparing for our Halloween month, and we also went to…

The Year That's Been: 2015 Second Quarter


We had a distinct lack of good photos from the month of April, but one that I really enjoyed is this picture of BMO peeking out of his cuddle sack. BMO loooooves cuddle sacks, and it does remind me that I need to buy him some more for this coming winter!

There was a bunch of small pet photos for the month of May, including this cute one of Schmutz looking for some food while I try and take photos of him. It also happened to be Knuckles birthday month so we done a photoshoot to celebrate. He was not keen on participating in that until I brought out the vegetables!

There were a lot of great photos from the month of June so I had to chose my top three. The first is of Diego when we were out at the park collecting grass for the Guinea Pigs and Schmutz and I love how he is really posing. The next is of Asha, who finally learnt how to play, unfortunately he hasn't yet learnt that my slippers are not what I want him playing with. Lastly, I had a fantastic photoshoot with …

The Year That's Been: 2015 First Quarter

January is generally a great month, with it being the new year people are a lot friendlier, and lucky for us living in New Zealand we get some amazing Summer days. We went up to my dad's house in Tauranga and that is where I caught the photo of Diego demolishing his first soccer ball. Also, with it being Summer, we get amazing fresh fruit and vegetables for the guinea pigs at the markets. Knuckles was known for having vampire drips after eating capsicums! 

In February, I was really trying to improve my rabbit photography, so the whole February album contains pictures of Schmutz. It was bitter sweet looking through those photos now that he has passed, but I am glad I have some awesome photos to remember his cheeky personality with. We also got our first Bow Wow Boutique collar, which is the first of many now! 

March in New Zealand is when the days start to get colder, and winter starts to appear. I love the days in this time of year, when the sun is out, but…

The Year That's Been: 2015 Products

Hey! What better way to wrap up one year, and say hello to a new one than by sharing our favourite things from the past year. I have found so many new products this year, a lot that have been loved by the boys and I, and some that were sadly a fail. I have decided to compile everything that we loved into one list, and hope that you can try some of these products, and places too.

Dog Toy: Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball
Diego has gone through and loved a lot of toys this year, however this toy stands out. Diego is literally obsessed with this ball. We originally got this along with other tough dog toys from Amazon in May, and he would constantly play with it until he lost it under the bed where he would cry until I retrieved it. Unfortunately we lost that toy at the dog park one day, and would have to wait until we done another Amazon order to get it again. We were at a market one day, and a stall had one sitting there, and for only $5! We purchased it immediately. I kind of wish we hadn&…

2016 Achievement Goals

Hey! I personally don't believe in New Year, New You, or any of those other corny lines that people say when January 1st ticks round. I think that you can and should change things you don't like within yourself when you realise them. You shouldn't have to wait for a new year to reassess your life and where you are going. With that being said, this year is kind of different for me. I have had a lot of things happen in a short amount of time, which has placed mine and the pets lives upside down. Therefore, I have been reassessing a lot of things and have decided some things I would love to achieve with the pets and the blog for 2016.

1. Interview Series
Last year, we interviewed Alex from Bow Wow Boutique and it had such amazing feedback and was one of my favourite posts of the year. I want to continue this into the new year, and interview many small business owners, possibly aim for one a month. I think this is an awesome way to find new small businesses, but also inspire o…

2016 Pet Blogger Challenge

Another year done and dusted! Last year, I completed the 2015 Pet Blogger Challenge that is run by the blog and website GoPetFriendly. I had a great time, and found a lot of awesome pet bloggers that I have continued to read throughout the year. So of course, we had to do it again this year! If you want to join in, all you have to do is go across to the Go Pet Friendly blog and it will have all the instructions. I hope you enjoy my answers, and I look forward to reading yours :)

1. How long have you been blogging? And, for anyone who is visiting for the first time, please give a quick description of the subject of your blog.

I have been blogging since March of 2014. Daisy Pets is a blog 100% dedicated to all things pets and animals. I blog about my own experiences with my two dogs, and two guinea pigs, as well as review a range of products. I review everything from animal related books and humane human products to dog and small pet products. I have a passion for writing and animal phot…