The Year That's Been: 2015 First Quarter


January is generally a great month, with it being the new year people are a lot friendlier, and lucky for us living in New Zealand we get some amazing Summer days. We went up to my dad's house in Tauranga and that is where I caught the photo of Diego demolishing his first soccer ball. Also, with it being Summer, we get amazing fresh fruit and vegetables for the guinea pigs at the markets. Knuckles was known for having vampire drips after eating capsicums! 


In February, I was really trying to improve my rabbit photography, so the whole February album contains pictures of Schmutz. It was bitter sweet looking through those photos now that he has passed, but I am glad I have some awesome photos to remember his cheeky personality with. We also got our first Bow Wow Boutique collar, which is the first of many now! 


March in New Zealand is when the days start to get colder, and winter starts to appear. I love the days in this time of year, when the sun is out, but there is a bitter chill to the wind. We made the most of the those days by heading down to the dog beach most days!


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