The Year That's Been: 2015 Second Quarter


We had a distinct lack of good photos from the month of April, but one that I really enjoyed is this picture of BMO peeking out of his cuddle sack. BMO loooooves cuddle sacks, and it does remind me that I need to buy him some more for this coming winter!


There was a bunch of small pet photos for the month of May, including this cute one of Schmutz looking for some food while I try and take photos of him. It also happened to be Knuckles birthday month so we done a photoshoot to celebrate. He was not keen on participating in that until I brought out the vegetables!


There were a lot of great photos from the month of June so I had to chose my top three. The first is of Diego when we were out at the park collecting grass for the Guinea Pigs and Schmutz and I love how he is really posing. The next is of Asha, who finally learnt how to play, unfortunately he hasn't yet learnt that my slippers are not what I want him playing with. Lastly, I had a fantastic photoshoot with my younger sisters Rainbow Lorikeet, and this is one of my favourite shots from that shoot. 


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