Where art thou pigs?

Hello! I feel like all I have been doing lately is making excuses, and then writing update posts to tell you all why I have been missing in action. I want to stop this, but first I feel the need to write that update post to make those excuses so we can then all start afresh.

Where are we?
We were temporarily homeless down in Wellington so we scurried up to Whanganui for about a month where we lived with my mother and her boyfriend. Diego and I did move into a new flat though, in Wellington where we are finally settling it and getting into the swing of life again. We are flatting with a lovely guy and his dog, which means that Diego gets company during the day while I am at work. It has all worked out super well.

Where art thou pigs?
If you have been following our blog for a while, you will know that since the beginning we have had little BMO, the Rex Guinea Pig and then a couple of months later, as a friend for him we got Knuckles. I love these little guys, and I love how each of them over the years have started to show their individual personalities. When we moved into the new flat, I did bring the pigs, unfortunately our flatmates dog took a particular interest in them, and would have loved to get into the cage with them. This put stress on the pigs, and onto Patch who was forever trying to get into my room to see them. We decided that it would be best to move the pigs up to Whanganui to live with my mum and sisters where they would be loved 100%, and would have no worry of a dog nibbling on them. It has been upsetting to not have them around, but it is the best for all parties involved.

Why haven't you posted?
Now with all the other things that I have mentioned above, I also have recently started a new full time job, which has meant a lot less spare time. Any spare time I do get is taken up by walking Diego or just maintaining my sanity. I am now settled into my new flat, and into my job and hope to work out a good system where I can post amazing content here, as well as maintaining my life outside of the blog. Another reason I haven't been posting as much is that I have been buying a lot less products for Diego, and am now using up products that we already had, or just reusing toys. I find that I like product posts a lot more than random posts like this one I am currently writing. We have been exploring a load of new walks recently though, so I would be happy to write about those with some photos if you would be interested in reading that. Leave me a comment if you would like that!

How is Diego?
He is great, and is also settling in nicely to our new surroundings. He has some strange traits though, that we are currently working out. He will randomly lunge at Patch, the flatmates dog, but other times is completely happy having him around and even plays with him. I haven't managed to work out what sets him off, I figure he is protecting me though which I will have to nip in the bud. We are also looking at starting agility training soon as he is now at the perfect age to start. He has heaps of energy, and a fantastic jump on him so it will be exciting to see how well he does at this new sport.


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