Mega Lucky Dip Dog Toys

Recently I have realised that I don't have much toys for Diego where we can tug of war, or play without it being fetch. Since he usually destroys every other type of toy in seconds, he now only has Kongs and balls. However, we recently moved to Whanganui where he shares a house with Chico and my younger sister and thought that some more playful toys were needed. I also hoped that Diego might have calmed down a bit from the last time we had soft toys.

I was browsing some pet related sites and came across the most perfect thing from Puss & Pooch. It is called the Mega Lucky Dip and in each package there is a different assortment of 5 - 6 toys. These toys are a range of heavy duty canvas, rope and natural rubber toys. There is a variety of photos online that shows what potentially you might get, but it does range. I love the excitement of this package turning up and finding out what is inside.

The price would be over $100 if sold at recommended retail price, however you can buy it today for only $34.95! The best part? Puss & Pooch also offers our readers a 25% discount if you use the discount code DAISYPETS at checkout.

These two toys seem to be made by the same company, and are made of a durable canvas material. These are quirky looking toys, which at first I liked the squirrel better, but after seeing Diego trot around with the postman, I lean towards that one more. Both are sewn in a great way for toy destroyers like Diego. The arms and legs are sewn separately from the main body, so if Diego rips off an arm or leg, or makes a hole in this, he cannot pull out all the stuffing. Diego has been playing with the squirrel for about a week now, and it is still around! One arm has been defluffed, but otherwise it is still in decent condition. Both toys also have a squeaker in the main body section. Diego walks around with the postman in his mouth, and mouths it so it just squeaks and squeaks. He loves it. This one has been out for a couple of days, and there is a slight tear in the postman's pants, but otherwise is still in great condition. I would definitely recommend these toys!

These two rings are also made from the same company as the two soft toys. These are also made of the same durable canvas material, plus some tough rope. These are two different sizes (which you can't tell from my photos), the chicken being a lot larger than the cow. These toys make awesome Tug-of-war toys, as well as fetch. The picture portion of the toy is stuffed, making it more 3D and Diego is able to chew on this section also. Diego has been playing with the chicken ring and loves it for Tug-of-War! He did end up chewing the rope on one side til it broke apart, but that is because we left him with it while we were out. If this toy is solely used for play with yourself, it will last a lot longer.

I am most excited to try this toy out! It is in the shape of a fortune cookie, and is punningly named Furchun Cookie. It has an opening in the bottom where you can put in treats for Diego to try and get out. It is made of quite a stiff rubber, so I think it will be a tough challenge for Diego to get the treats out of. There is smaller holes in each corner as well to make sure that the dogs tongue doesn't get suctioned inside. This one could also be used as a fetch toy, as it fits perfectly into Diego's mouth.

This next toy is another dog take on a human product, these are Funchux, modelling off nunchucks. This is made up of two durable rubber balls, with a canvas rope holding them together. This is a very multiple purpose toy, it can be used for tug-of-war, fetch or to play alone. I am hoping that Diego and Chico will play with this together! I have got the M-L dog size, which is good for Diego and his chomping teeth.

The last toy is the Dogbon, which is essentially just a rubber dog bone. I am excited to see what Diego thinks of this as he never has been a big rubber bone dog. I got him a few as a puppy and he completely ignored them, I ended up giving them to my Aunty for Diego's brother. The rubber is not super hard, there is a tiny bit of give in the bone, which is good for the dogs mouth when chewing.


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