National Pet Day: 3 Things Pets Give Me

Today, the day I am writing this, it is National Pet Day in New Zealand. The day I am posting it however, it is no longer National Pet Day in New Zealand, but a lot of the world it will be. That still counts right?

I have been thinking about jotting down this idea into a blog post for a while now, and decided that National Pet Day was a good excuse to finally hit fingers to keyboard to get the idea out into the world. Obviously pets are a big part of my life, and if you are reading this, probably a big part of yours too. Recently, I have become increasingly aware of the awesome things that pets give us, and want to share some with you all.

Friendlier Version of Yourself
When you are out walking alone, it isn't many a person that will say hello when passing you on the street, but the minute you have a dog everyone says hello to everyone. I walk to and from work each day (a round trip of about one and a half hours) and I only get one hello. It's from a guy walking his dog. I then take Diego out both morning and night for his walk, and everyone that I encounter with a dog says hello, and half of the people without dogs will give some sort of nod. I personally love this, I love how friendly dog people are and how they are happy to interact with other humans. The amount of amazing and happy people I have met at the organised dog walks in my area is exceptional, and I really enjoy these walks to interact with likeminded people. I have met some great friends through these events that I feel like I wouldn't have met without Diego.

Exercise and Adventure
This leads me on to another point which is that owning a dog gets you out and about each day when otherwise you probably wouldn't. I consider myself a fit person, but since Diego has been staying at my mums, I have tried to avoid walking at all costs. I can imagine that a lot of people have this everyday if they didn't own a dog. It also makes you find awesome little nooks and crannies of your neighbourhood that you wouldn't have otherwise found. I have found so many awesome little parks, bushwalks, lookouts and random statues all because of aimlessly walking around my neighbourhood with Diego. I love it. I seriously recommend more people just walk out their front door with no intentions and see where they end up.

The thing I most value from owning pets is the companionship. If I am having a tough day, or even a good one I know that I will be able to come home to a dog that is endlessly happy. There is something comforting in the fact that no matter what happens in life, this animal will still be super happy and will be there for you as long as you let them be. This is true of my Guinea Pigs too, which I bet is a surprise to a few people out there. Knuckles always comes happily bounding over to the cage doors when you come near, probably hoping for food but I like to think it is for me. I think the power of pets on the human soul has been terribly under appreciated and it is an amazing bond that people get with their pets. Diego has helped me through some tough times of recent, and I struggle to think of how much of a mess I would have been without him. He isn't a clingy dog, and much prefers people to throw his ball than pat him but he always knows the times I need a cuddle and will come in for one. He has also done this for my younger sister who has been caring for him for the past week, and she has said she loves waking up in the morning and being able to cuddle him in bed.

What do your pets do for you? Leave a comment below!


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