Treat Review: K9Natural Lamb Hearts

Hey! I was recently on the lookout for a treat to give Diego that was not long lasting, but also not something that would disappear in seconds, just a treat that sat somewhere in the middle of those extremes. I went to a local pet store and picked up these K9Natural Lamb Heart Snacks as I hadn't previously tried them and thought they fit the above criteria quite well. Let me give you a run down on my thoughts.

First off, these are freeze-dried lamb hearts, nothing more added. I love products like this, that are just 100% what they say they are. The lamb is also New Zealand raised. The benefit of lamb hearts is that it is super high in protein and iron but low in carbohydrates. The pack itself is 80gms worth, and contains a fair few individual heart pieces. I purchased mine from Animates for $14.95

A major point that I need to raise from the beginning is that these STINK. If I grab them with my fingers, a couple of hand washes in, I will still be able to smell the distinct odour of these treats. I have now taken to the tactic of pouring a treat out into Diego's awaiting mouth so I don't have to physically touch one. The packet does a semi good job of keeping most odours in check, but you may notice the smell lingering where you store the packet. I can't say I have noticed them effecting Diego's breath in a bad way, but I also don't go out of my way to smell his breath. Just something to remember.

These treats do not rip into smaller pieces easily. These are super tough to rip with your bare hands, and if you do finally get them ripped up they will leave bits under fingernails and leave the smell I mentioned above. I tried to rip mine up to put into Diego's Kong and I did eventually get there. Some parts of the heart do not seem to want to tear at all, others parts will come apart when you really heave on it. I suggest if you do want something smaller, to avoid these treats.

Probably the most important thing to mention is that Diego loves these treats. The minute he smells or hears the bag opening he is straight be my heels waiting for one to magically drop into this mouth. He is an easily excitable dog, but this is a new level of excitement over a simple treat. He will even drop his favourite ball to gobble one of these down! I said earlier that I bought these for the sole purpose of a treat that I can feed Diego that won't disappear in seconds or take ages to eat. I can happily say that they did fit this medium, and they were also good as a stopper in Diego's Kong which made the Kong filling last even longer. 

Have you tried these treats or any of the other K9Natural products? What were your thoughts?


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