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150km June!

Hey! June has sprung upon us here at Daisy Pets, and I am not sure how to feel about it. I feel as though this year is slipping through everyone's grasps, and I haven't accomplished or done what I said I would by this time. I need to kick myself in the bum, and realise that the months will keep slipping by. For a lot of people this means it is time for Junk Free June, where they kick out junk food for one whole month. Some people will be raising money for charity, others will be doing it for the health aspects. My mother and sisters are all participating, and have stocked the cupboard with more appropriate snacks. I won't be. I am already on a plant based diet, so I don't really have the chance to eat 'junk food' as much as the next person, so don't see the interest in cutting out something I may want to eat.

So instead of Junk Free June, I will be doing my own challenge. That is 150km June. I want to walk/run/hike/crawl 150 kilometres with Diego in June. I…

Weekend Getaway to Rotorua

This past weekend Diego and I took a spur of the moment trip to Rotorua to visit my dad. Unfortunately, the whole trip seemed to be filled with stormy weather so I wasn't able to get the camera out of its bag very often. Diego and I drove up from Whanganui on the Friday and it is such a beautiful drive along a quiet, old highway surrounded by farm land and tumbling hills. When we arrived in Rotorua, we went straight to the Redwoods for a stroll. It was a patch of decent weather, only spitting for a bit of our walk. I am still working on my photography in low lit areas, so walking the forest did come up with a bit of a challenge for me, but I think I managed to get a few nice shots.

On the Saturday, we went out for brunch and had a coffee, then went back to the Redwoods. I accidentally left my camera at home this day so I didn't get any photos. We explored further into the bush on that walk, and actually went up into the hills which I didn't do on Friday. It was a wicked w…

The Life and Death of the Postman

We got this awesome Postman toy from Puss & Pooch in the Mega Lucky Dip pack. It is made of a thick canvas material, and has been stuffed in different segments, so that if there is a hole in the arm, they cannot take all the stuffing out, and vice versa. We have had this toy for a couple weeks now, and Diego has loved it since he first got it. He has spent many an hour laying down with it in his mouth and just gently squeaking the toy. I also found him asleep with it still jammed tightly in his jaws. I think the best thing about this toy is the look of it in your dogs mouth. I loved watching Diego trot up to me, with the postman's arms swinging erratically as though he was scared and asking for help. Thankfully, I got some photos of Diego running with the toy so you can see how comical it looks. During this photoshoot was the final days for our postman, the holes in his body finally giving away to Diego's snapping teeth and his stuffing was left strewn across the lawn.

Treat Review: Hundur's Crunch Jerky Rolls

Diego recently has taken up a new hobby. It's not a hobby I personally enjoy, nor do I promote it. He has taken to charging full speed to people across a stretch of land when on our walks. It doesn't matter if they are alone, if they are with kids, if they have a dog, anyone that he can see, he will go and check out. This makes for a very uncomfortable run for me across the expanse of land that he has decided to charge across. He means no harm, and is a friendly dog, but really it is something that no one likes. To combat this problem, I have started taking treats along on our walks and often practicing recall when there is no one around. When there is someone, I have started putting him on a lead. Just until I can hundred percent guarantee he will listen to me.

Coming back to me when there is something else more enticing is not the first choice of Diego's, so I have to bring some very smelly, and enjoyable treats. Recently, we were lucky enough to be sent some Hundur'…

Pet Bloggers Bloopers: May

On the 2nd Friday of every month there is a Pet Bloggers Bloopers Round Up, where Pet Bloggers share some photos from the previous month that something has gone wrong or is quite funny. I have been reading these for multiple months now and never really had something to contribute, well this month I do!
I had Diego perfectly posed by the Whanganui river, he was sitting nicely and looking directly at the camera. The background was perfect, a wonderful sunny day that was reflecting off the waters surface. As I clicked down to get this shot, Chico shot past, full Greyhound speed into Diego. 
This is the result:

Inspiration or Craziness?

I am quite an impulsive person, and a lot of my actions and decisions are made on a whim. I got both Guinea Pigs on a whim, heck, I even got Diego on a whim. I left my well paying bank job on a whim, and then also moved to Whanganui on a whim. Sometimes this can be a bad trait, it makes me look indecisive and irresponsible. But in all honesty I do it because I am seeking happiness.

When Daisy passed away, it was the first time I was without animals in my life. Yes, mum had her cats and my now ex-partner had his dog, but I never really felt a strong connection to these animals. This left me rather depressed, and I realised then what a sad life it was to be without a pet. They help with so many emotions and responsibility that you feel wanted and needed in the world. That is why I got Schmutz, then BMO and then Knuckles. All for a want of a pet in my life. Thankfully, these whim decisions were great and were what started the foundation of this blog. If I had acted on a whim back when Da…

Dog ID Tags That Last a Lifetime?!

Hey! Every dog owner worries that their dog may get out one day, and that they will become lost. Thankfully, with dogs wearing collars, we can add dog tags with numbers and names onto them so that if found, we can get a phone call to pick up our pet. Now that idea has been taken one step further, by having a dog tag that is attached onto the collar, not dangling! This prevents the dog tag being ripped off, or getting snagged on something.

Bow Wow Boutique offers these wonderful tags that are made from non magnetic stainless steel and then engraved with your details. She gets these done over in the United States and they are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your pet. The tag hooks onto your dogs collar snuggly around the material, and once placed on correctly it will not fall off.

I purchased Diego's tag in May of 2015, and since then it has been on a few collars. I got his engraved with my mobile number, and my now ex-boyfriend's mobile number (What a mistake that was). I did…

Book Review: Pukka's Promise by Ted Kerasote

Hey! Today I am bringing you another book review, this time it is Pukka's Promise written by Ted Kerasote. Ted Kerasote also wrote Merle's Door, which I read sometime last year and really enjoyed so thought I would give this one a read also.

Pukka's Promise is about Ted's hunt for a new dog to come into his life after five years without Merle. The major twist in this book, compared to any other dog related book I have read, is that it not only does it follow his journey on getting Pukka, it contains a heap of facts and research about dogs. Ted was upset about how low the longevity of a dog is, and had also had a lot of people contacting him after Merle's Door to share similar stories of how young their dogs passed away. So with that in mind, he went about researching how we could look at keeping our dogs happy and healthy for longer.
There was all sorts of research and topics that went into this book, from dog nutrition, to whether or not to spay/neuter your dog, t…