150km June!

Hey! June has sprung upon us here at Daisy Pets, and I am not sure how to feel about it. I feel as though this year is slipping through everyone's grasps, and I haven't accomplished or done what I said I would by this time. I need to kick myself in the bum, and realise that the months will keep slipping by. For a lot of people this means it is time for Junk Free June, where they kick out junk food for one whole month. Some people will be raising money for charity, others will be doing it for the health aspects. My mother and sisters are all participating, and have stocked the cupboard with more appropriate snacks. I won't be. I am already on a plant based diet, so I don't really have the chance to eat 'junk food' as much as the next person, so don't see the interest in cutting out something I may want to eat.

So instead of Junk Free June, I will be doing my own challenge. That is 150km June. I want to walk/run/hike/crawl 150 kilometres with Diego in June. I usually don't track our walks, so cannot tell if this is going to actually be a challenge or if it will be a walk in the park. We shall see I guess.

We have been having horrendous weather lately, constantly raining, and not just a casual drizzle either, it has been storming for about two to three weeks now! This will make the challenge harder as we will need to fit in long walks around the weather, and hopefully not have to do too many horrible rainy walks. It also is extra incentive to leave the house each day, because a lot of the time I just want to cuddle up in bed with a hot drink. Diego also loves to encourage that habit by crawling under the blankets with me, but I know we will both be better off if we actually brave the colds and get outdoors.

I would love to have some people join this challenge with me, or atleast share some memorable walks for the month. I will be using the #150kmJune on Instagram for all my related posts, and will be doing weekly updates on the blog. Feel free to tag your own photos, and comment on our posts with how well you are tracking! Remember it is all about having fun, and enjoying the company of your dog while getting fit and active.


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