Dog ID Tags That Last a Lifetime?!

Hey! Every dog owner worries that their dog may get out one day, and that they will become lost. Thankfully, with dogs wearing collars, we can add dog tags with numbers and names onto them so that if found, we can get a phone call to pick up our pet. Now that idea has been taken one step further, by having a dog tag that is attached onto the collar, not dangling! This prevents the dog tag being ripped off, or getting snagged on something.

As of May 2015 when first purchased.

Bow Wow Boutique offers these wonderful tags that are made from non magnetic stainless steel and then engraved with your details. She gets these done over in the United States and they are guaranteed to last the lifetime of your pet. The tag hooks onto your dogs collar snuggly around the material, and once placed on correctly it will not fall off.

I purchased Diego's tag in May of 2015, and since then it has been on a few collars. I got his engraved with my mobile number, and my now ex-boyfriend's mobile number (What a mistake that was). I didn't get Diego's name engraved because I am scared that if someone knows his name, they are more likely to steal him or resell him. A bit crazy I know, but I prefer to be safe. Bow Wow Boutique allows you to engrave your pets name, phone numbers and addresses if you want, and then it is up to you to decide what you want on it.

When I first got it, we had it on Diego's light blue collar, and it caused no damage to the collar at all. No discolouration or tears when we removed it. Currently, Diego has it on his dark blue galaxy collar and as with the original collar it hasn't worn the collar at all. I know that with Daisy we had a traditional dog tag and it rusted around her collar leaving unpleasant marks, so it is wonderful that this doesn't do that.

This tag has never fallen off, or been close to coming off. It is literally so hard to remove, and once on, it really is on. We have never had any trouble with it snagging on anything as there is nothing dangling down that could get caught.

As of May 2016 after owning and using for a year.

Another great thing about this tag is that it stands out. If someone was to grab Diego by the collar they would easily see the tag, and even more easily be able to read the numbers that are on it. We have had it a year, constantly on Diego's collar, and the engraving is still in amazing condition. There is no spots where you might be unsure of the number, everything is clear. Diego has swam, hiked, got dirty, been washed, and just done general doggy things with this tag on, and there is no sign that it has happened.

I would 100% recommend these over traditional dog tags, and have already started convincing friends and family to buy them for their dogs. They are inexpensive, and could mean the difference between you being reunited with your pooch or not. You don't have to worry about your dog losing the tag, getting caught while running through the bush, or the tag getting into your dogs food and water. To purchase, contact Alex from Bow Wow Boutique directly on their Facebook page.