The Life and Death of the Postman

We got this awesome Postman toy from Puss & Pooch in the Mega Lucky Dip pack. It is made of a thick canvas material, and has been stuffed in different segments, so that if there is a hole in the arm, they cannot take all the stuffing out, and vice versa. We have had this toy for a couple weeks now, and Diego has loved it since he first got it. He has spent many an hour laying down with it in his mouth and just gently squeaking the toy. I also found him asleep with it still jammed tightly in his jaws. I think the best thing about this toy is the look of it in your dogs mouth. I loved watching Diego trot up to me, with the postman's arms swinging erratically as though he was scared and asking for help. Thankfully, I got some photos of Diego running with the toy so you can see how comical it looks. During this photoshoot was the final days for our postman, the holes in his body finally giving away to Diego's snapping teeth and his stuffing was left strewn across the lawn.


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