Diego's Birthday Weekend

We had a crazy, full on weekend in Wellington to celebrate Diego's second birthday which was on the Saturday. Overall, it was a great weekend and we managed to catch up with some of Diego's doggy friends, and also see his brother, Jagger. I was also checking out a potential flat in Wellington for Diego and I to move into.

Unfortunately, the flat situation didn't work out. The lady had described her partners dog as a 'biter when she gets excited', but it was more just a savage dog. We met at a park and from the get go, this other dog was aggressive. She was wearing a muzzle, but without this I honestly believe she would have ripped Diego to shreds. Diego did meet the other dogs at the flat, and played with one of the other dogs for ages while the flat owner and I had a discussion. Unfortunately, the experience with the more aggressive dog did slightly ruin our weekend as it put Diego on full scared mode whenever he met a larger dog.

After going to that flat viewing we went and visited our favourite Wellington character, Richie McPaw. Diego always gets on so well with Richie, it is great to see. Richie and his wonderful mother even got Diego a present! We did go down to the local fenced dog park, but Diego got overwhelmed and because of his earlier experience with the aggressive dog he was on high alert. He kept doing scared nips at the larger dogs, and one of them didn't appreciate that and they got into a barking/snarling war. After that, Richie McPaw, Melissa, Diego and I went to another local walk where we explored some amazing bush walks. Diego and Richie zoomed around the paths, and had a great time exploring together. This was a great end to the Saturday and Diego's birthday.

On the Sunday, early in the morning Diego and I headed down to another dog park in Upper Hutt to have a walk before starting the days events. Surprisingly for such an early Sunday morning, there was a bunch of people and dogs out and about. Diego met a couple of them, and was quite apprehensive with them all. Thankfully, he didn't display any of his scared nips that he was doing at the dog park.

After that we went to take some photos of a friends rabbit. This was a cool experience and I loved hanging out with a rabbit! I haven't handled, or been near a rabbit since Schmutz passed away so it was pretty special. I love rabbits, they are such unique personalities and Piper was no exception. She was super friendly, and inquisitive. She loved the camera, and Diego and her met through the bars of a cage and she was so infatuated by Diego. 

Time for the real walk of the day, Diego and I met up with Joshua and Willow from Wolves of Wellington. For our walk, we went to one of the fire breaks in Lower Hutt, which is essentially a clay path that separates the forests on the hills so if any catches fire, it doesn't take out the whole hill. This walk is pretty steep, and really showed how unfit I am. Willow and Diego showed us how to do it, Diego didn't even seem to pant, and Willow had a backpack with all her gear! Upon meeting Willow, Diego instantly growled and done his typical scared/nervous attack mode at her. We walked them slightly apart the whole walk, and by the end Diego was leaning towards Willow. Hopefully next time they meet he isn't as nervous and they can be friends. I didn't get any photos of this walk as I was in no shape to take my camera pack up the hill! Maybe next time I do this walk I will be fit enough to take up my camera as well. I did get this Snapchat video of the view though!

Finally, we went to see Jagger, Diego's brother so that we could bring him some birthday cake and say hello. Jagger isn't dog friendly so Diego couldn't see him but my sister and I went in to give him his cake and have a quick play. It was cool to see Jagger again as I haven't seen him in a while, and it is interesting to see how he is ageing compared to Diego. Jagger has a less staffy face compared to Diego, and looks more like a crossbreed. If I saw Jagger alone, and didn't know him, I don't think I would be able to say what breed he is.

On the way home to Whanganui, Diego spent the whole time dead asleep in the back of the car after an eventful weekend. We had a great time, and am excited to move back to Wellington together when we find a new flat. Thanks to everyone we saw, and everyone who gave Diego birthday wishes. Diego's Second Birthday Week is done and dusted for this year but you can read our other birthday posts to keep on celebrating. We made some Pumpkin and Bacon Dog Treats, had a Birthday Haul and made a Dog Birthday Cake


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