Tough Dog Toy Hunt: Planet Dog Double Tuff

 Hey! Back in March I reviewed the Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball and in that review I absolutely raved about how amazing that ball was. Diego claimed it as his favourite ball and would play with it daily. Until we lost it. We were playing outside our house, which was on a hill, when it bounced off and rolled down the hill never to be seen again. Diego looked for that ball for a solid week before giving up and trying to accept a tattered rugby ball as a toy. Thankfully, Planet Dog NZ sent us the 'older brother' of the Diamond Plate Ball to try out, called Diamond Plate Double Tuff.

The Diamond Plate Double Tuff is made from the same materials as the Diamond Plate Ball, however, the difference is that the Double Tuff is essentially two of the Plate Balls stuck together. It has a larger ball at the base, with a smaller ball added to the top meaning that when bounced it is unpredictable and bounces is in all directions. Did I mention it is SUPER bouncy? And also, just like the Plate Ball, it has a mint smell meaning that you don't have to worry about bad doggy breath ruining the ball. We got ours in the the Steel, but I am unsure of what size ours is. It is either the medium or large.

This ball arrived about two weeks after the initial review of the Plate Ball and Diego has been playing with it daily ever since. In his mind, it is the same ball and he loves it! Diego is a fetch dog through and through and this ball works perfectly for that. The strange shape, and extreme bounciness of this ball means that Diego skids around the yard trying to catch where it will bounce and land. The shape doesn't seem to alter his ability to catch it, and actually works well if he wants to try and play tug of war with Chico.

Our Sifu (Wing Chun Kung Fu) came over from Australia to see us, and he loved this ball to play with Diego with. He would grab one end, and Diego would grab the other and they would have a competition on who could hold it the longest. Diego won.

Unfortunately, due to the shape, it has lead to some problems that the original Diamond Plate Ball didn't have. This last week, a tear appeared between the two ball segments, and just yesterday it has finally ripped apart. Planet Dog does offer a 100% guarantee on all their products, so did offer to replace our ball. However, because we already received this ball for free I did not accept their offer. It is a great thing that the company offers though, and gives tough chewing dogs owners peace of mind when purchasing. Having it ripped apart now just means Diego has two balls, and he loves that!

All in all, this ball is another firm favourite of ours. When I can find some spare cash lying around my home, I am definitely going to purchase some of the other balls and toys that Planet Dog has to offer and see how they stack up against the Plate Ball and Double Tuff. If you are wanting to choose between the two, I would suggest the Plate Ball for tough chewers as it has no grooves where the ball can be destroyed easily. If your dog isn't an extreme chewer, and just likes a game of fetch, than the Double Tuff would be perfect for that.

I would love to see photos of your dog with their Planet Dog toys, #daisypets on Instagram to show us!


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