Week 1: 150km June

When I first thought of this challenge, it was going to be 100kms for the month. I then thought that would be way too easy, and not actually a challenge, so upped it to 150kms. That would make it 5kms a day, and because I never used to track how long my walks were, I thought that was standard. Let's just say, that so far, it has been quite a challenge. If you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my first post in regards to #150kmJune.

This past week has been freezing, with June being the first month of Winter here in New Zealand, but thankfully for us, it has been clear blue skies every single day. It has also been quite a learning curve of a month. I learnt that walking 5kms a day, is roughly an hour walk, with me walking that whole hour. A lot of our walks used to be an hour long, but would include a stop off at a field or river for Diego to run around. One of our walks this past week was one of them, and only came to approximately 3kms, even though Diego most definitely ran a lot more than that. It would be awesome to get him a tracker too, to compare how much I walk, to how much he walks.

This week, Diego also had to go into the vet office for an operation. He had a lump growing on his gum which kept getting bumped and would bleed. He got this chopped off under anaesthetic on Tuesday and that meant that there was no time for a walk on this day. He spent the day crying, whinging, being uncomfortable and then sleeping the afternoon away. Currently, he is acting pretty much like his normal self, apart from having to eat soft food for the rest of the week. It also means I have to really watch him on walks for the next few days just to make sure he is coping alright.

For this first update, I am basing it off 8 days. Broken down, I should have achieved 40kms to be on track to hit the 150. We are currently sitting at 35.41kms, which is surprising since we had one whole day off. The problem from here, as I am typing this, is that its about to start raining, and doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon. We will be fighting with the weather to get in our hour walk each day.

I have included screenshots from my tracking app that I have on my phone. The main reason for this is so that I can definitely say that we have done these distances and am not making up anything. It keeps me honest, and it also makes sure that you can trust what I am saying. Plus, if I can do it, so can you. I haven't included the maps (apart from one) as they have all started from our home address and I feel a bit unsure about putting that onto the internet. I will include the maps of all the walks that we do that do not start from our home address.

This was our first walk on the challenge, and this is when we learnt that 5kms a day isn't our usual. I walked along the riverbank where I let Diego off, and turned around, only to find we still hadn't done enough. Went for a little explore around the surrounding areas and still didn't make target!

I really pushed for this walk to be a long one. It was a beautiful day and I had nothing else to really do, so we just explored some of the surrounding neighbourhoods. I also took Diego and Chico to an off leash dog park later in the afternoon where we walked an extra 1.5kms.

Both my mum and my younger sister had the day off school on Friday, so we headed along the riverbank as a family with both Chico and Diego. The dogs ran what seemed like a million miles, but us humans, not so much

We had family friends come up and visit us for the long weekend, and so I quickly went for a walk with Diego before the drinks and nibbles came out. This walk seems short, however, I took his ball down to the park and threw that around til he was a panting mess. As I said above, I really need to get him his own tracker!

This is the one walk we done this week that didn't start at our house. We went to see our family friends at the holiday park they were staying at. We had a BBQ at the park with the dogs and then took a stroll along the beach where Diego chased sticks for most of the time. This walk is the shortest of the lot, but we did walk around a lot that day together which I did not record. We went exploring at sunset to get photos, and to enjoy the scenery and I didn't add that to the tracker.

This was a public holiday in New Zealand for Queen's Birthday so my sisters and I went exploring around the neighbourhood. They were on their skateboards, and we all went down to the shops to get coffee and lollies (essential items). We actually took Chico on this walk, and he behaved amazingly for how long we walked for.

With us taking Tuesday off, I felt like both Diego and I needed a good walk. I waited for my sister to come home from school and then the four of us strolled around the area. Unfortunately, both Chico and Tammin started to feel the cold, and went home after a couple of kilometres. After that, Diego and I done our usual loop around the river alone.

How are you going on the challenge this far?


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