Week 2: 150km June

Another week has flown by for June, and Diego and I have stomped many pavements within that month. If you are not sure what this post is about, I suggest you read the 150km June Challenge and the Week 1 posts to get a better understanding of what we are undertaking. This week has been very successful on some days, and a complete failure on other days. This week was also fairly raining, and Diego and I had to dodge those bad periods and make the most of the small bouts of sunshine we got. Nothing worse than walking outside in the rain without wet weather gear!

This week covers Thursday 9th of June - Thursday 16th of June meaning it is covering another 8 days, which is a 40km goal. This week we got up to 35.4km. It is a disappointing result as I have done some long, adventurous walks on certain days. Although, I only done that amount of kilometres, a lot of the walks were to Diego's advantage. They were off-leash, or involved a game of fetch where he ran around like a headless chicken. Once again, I wish I had a tracker that could go on him. I think I have completed a nice mix of leash walks, as well as walks that entertain and wear Diego out. So with in total this month we have completed 70.81km when to be on track we should be at 80km. Hopefully this next week we can get closer to the goal!

This walk was one of our usual walks around the river, from bridge to bridge and back home again. Today we took Chico, which means we can't go too far or he will get too tired to keep walking. The dogs are allowed off-leash along this walk, so as usual, Diego would have got a lot more kilometres in than I did.

On Friday, my mother had a day off work, so we all headed out for a longer stroll along the river. It was a nice sunny day, so we went double the distance that we usually do and walked all the way to the third bridge. It was a wonderful, peaceful walk and the dogs got a good amount of off-leash time. On the way back home we came across a couple of dogs, and all the dogs had a mighty play together. All five dogs were happy to play in a bunch, and left our two dogs super tired. Just as we got home it started to pour with rain and we were lucky to get such a nice walk in.

This walk has got to be my favourite of the week, Diego and I went on an adventure. I was worried that with this challenge I was going to end up walking kilometres just to get them in, and not really enjoying it, but this walk was so much fun. We walked to a local service station, where I picked up a coffee and then we went to a large field where Diego ran around while I enjoyed my coffee. Once we were done there, instead of going home we took a different route and explored some new roads we hadn't been down yet. We also got the chance to stop for some photoshoots. It was a lovely day, and Diego even got another play in with a dog that followed us along the street.

Sunday was one of those disaster days. I spent most of the day lounging about, really make the most of it being a Sunday. Finally, I dragged Diego outside, and went across the road to play fetch with his ball at a large field. I walked around a couple of times, but by this stage Diego was super tired, and ready to collapse so we went back in. I was meant to go out for another walk, but it started raining and I really couldn't be bothered. Diego would have got enough exercise from chasing his ball during that first outing.

I decided to do the same walk that we done on Friday, but this time it was just me and the two dogs. It was a fairly nice walk, and the day was warm. Diego got to play with a couple of sets of dogs that he found along the way, but I had to keep Chico on the lead as he was playing up a bit. This walk also slightly made up for the day before.

On Tuesday, after school, I packed up the car with both dogs, my mum and my two younger sisters and we headed to the local off leash dog park. At the time we went it was hectic with dogs and at one point there was about 15 dogs all playing with each other in one big gang. Diego had to ruin the atmosphere there by getting into a tiff with a black mastiff dog. Chico was having the time of his life however, and was racing around and play bowing to a pair of Miniature Pinchers. I forgot my phone this day, but I worked out that based on how many times we looped the park it would have been roughly about 3km.

This was our usual river loop walk again. This walk is getting a bit boring, I admit that, but it is easy to leave the house and do the loop. Even better is that Diego is allowed off-leash along this stretch, meaning he gets to run around and we can practice his recall. Usually there is a couple of dogs along this path he gets to play with as well, making it quite a nice easy walk to do on a day when you can't be bothered doing much.

My younger sister had a half day at school, and she absolutely loves the dog park so I picked her up with the dogs in the car and went to explore the park with her. It was completely deserted as it had starting to dribble rain. We all ran around, and went around the park multiple times. Chico raced at his usual Greyhound pace and explored every square inch of the park. Diego managed to find himself a stick so for the second half of the walk we were throwing that around while exploring other parts of the park.

How did your walks go this past week?


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