Week 3: 150km June

Hey! This last week has definitely been the best of the month, in terms of length of walks, as well as locations. We had an amazing weekend in Wellington, which will have it's very own blog post coming up in the next few days. If you are new to my blog, this month Diego and I are challenging ourselves to walk 150 kilometres over the course of the month. This is a fairly good challenge, as it is well into Winter here in New Zealand meaning a lot of our walks are scheduled between rain, or even during rain. Check out the Original 15km June Challenge post, as well as our Week 1 and Week 2 updates for more information.

This week was from Friday 17th to Thursday 23rd so covered a seven day period. This means for this update, to keep on a weekly goal we only needed to walk 35kms. This week we walked 36.1 kilometres which puts us on a monthly total of 106.91 kilometres walked. I have caught up a tiny bit from the first couple of weeks, but this next week is going to be crazy to try and conquer the full 150!

This walk is one of our usual walks, where we go along the river bank, and turn around at the next bridge. This time we did go slightly further, but not by much. This walk was with Chico and my mother and it was a lovely day for the most part.

Saturday we done a couple of walks, as you can see from the photo which all totalled up to 6.16kms. The longest walk was with Richie McPaw and his mum, and we explored around some local bushwalking trails. The earlier walks were meeting the flat dogs, and just a quick little stroll that Diego and I done alone. There was actually probably a lot more walking done than this over this day, but a lot of the time I forgot to turn my tracker on.

On this Sunday we completed to major walks. The first was a couple of laps around a local dog park in Upper Hutt. We met quite a few dogs on this walk, but Diego didn't play with any. He was mainly off leash as well, so he would have got a lot more running under his belt than I did. Then on that same day we met up with Joshua and Willow from Wolves of Wellington and went to conquer the fire break in Lower Hutt. This is an all up hill walk, with some of the inclines looking nearly vertical. It had amazing views at the top though so was well worth it. It was also a decent length of walk, especially since we were all going up hill. This was probably my favourite walk of the whole week.

Back at home and back to our usual walk around the river. This time I only took Diego as he was still acting a bit strange from the weekend (more will be explained in another post). We walked the length and met up with a lab that Diego loves. They played for a little while, rushing around the grass, before we headed back home.

Tuesday was a miserable day, and to be frank, I was feeling super lazy. Thankfully, when my mother got home, we both managed to get out of the house with the dogs and walk them to a local park. This is a shorter walk, but it was slightly spitting, so its good we got it in. The dogs had a quick race around the park, and Chico was done for the day.

This walk was our longest of the week. I decided to walk to my younger sisters school with the dogs to pick her up and then we would walk home together. It is quite a long walk, and I made it harder for myself by wearing ankle weights. Safe to say at the end of this walk my legs felt like jelly. This nicely tired out both dogs, and gave them some experience with dealing with a lot of screaming teenagers once they were let out of school for the day.

Last walk of this week was our usual walk around the river once again. How boring can I be! It was a terrible day, with it raining pretty much the whole day. There was a tiny period of no rain so I raced out to quickly make the most of it. On days like that, I just want to walk with what I know. Diego found a bunch of small dogs to play with, and managed to have a run along the riverbank before it rained again so a good walk all in all.

How did your week of walks go?


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