Week 4: 150km June Finale

Did we do it? If you have no idea what 150km June is, I suggest you read our Original Post, Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 updates then come back to find out if we made it!

This week we have had some technical problems when measuring our walks, but I promise that I didn't exaggerate any of the walks. My phone was having some troubles tracking the route, and therefore the kilometres that we walked on a few of the walks so I went to my trusty friend Google and worked it out from there! Last week we finished on a total of 106.91 kilometres meaning we would have to conquer 43.18kms in seven days.

Friday was the first day of a troublesome phone. For some reason it was tracking me, but not counting it as kilometres walked! Diego, Chico, my sister and I all walked into downtown Whanganui where we meet up with my mother. This one way trip is 4 kilometres, and that was enough to tire out both my sister and Chico so I left them with my mum while Diego and I continued on. We went over the bridge and explored a new area of the river, before returning home. This was approximately another 4 kilometres. It was probably slightly more, but as I wasn't able to track I wanted to keep it basic. That put Friday's kilometres at 8!

Saturday looks like a bad day with only 2.09km but boy it tired Diego out. As you can see, we went along the beach and then back again. The whole time we were throwing a stick for Diego into the water and he was racing around non-stop. I say it again, I still would love to get a tracker for him to know how much he is exercising! It was a great day out with the whole family and even Chico raced around most of the walk. Diego was saturated and covered in sand after that walk so we took both dogs to a DIY dog wash afterwards.

Sunday was a busy day, and unfortunately that meant that there wasn't a lot of time in the day to walk Diego. It was a miserable day with the rain showering for most of it so Diego and I went for a quick walk through a couple of local fields where he ran amuck. 

Monday was another technical error day. I went for an early morning run with Diego, through the local fields I went to yesterday, and then around the river back to home. I am not a runner so this was a big deal for me and I felt accomplished, til I got home and realised it wasn't even tracking! I used Google to have a look at the rough path I took and it has come up as 5.5 kilometres. Not a bad effort but I would have loved to have that on my tracker.

 I enjoyed my run from Monday so much that I decided to go again with Diego. The first walk of 4.79kms was with my mum and Chico. We walked to a local coffee shop, where we enjoyed a coffee and chat before strolling home. It was an enjoyable walk and reminded me to make sure I am enjoying the walks I do go on. Then later in the day I decided to take Diego on another short jog and we went to the park and played fetch.

Wednesday was another two walk day, but this was on accident. I went out early in the morning with Diego as the weather report said it was going to rain that day and wanted to get it out the way. We explored some new streets I hadn't been down before and saw some unusual sites. That day I incorrectly calculated how many more kilometres I had to go before the end of June so had left the walk at that. I then recalculated, realised there was a lot more to go so my sister and I went for a walk with both dogs in the rain as it was going dark. It was a fun walk, and we both felt accomplished afterwards but I wished we had gone earlier in the afternoon.

 The final day. The final day was raining, for all of it! I had tried to go out earlier in the day, got all set up and was about to walk out the front door when it started to pour down. Back inside we went. Finally I decided to do another long walk to my sisters school, and she would then do the return journey with us. It was only lightly raining at this point so that was fine. I got lost on my new directions and went a bit further out than needed but it worked well in the end that we walked the longest distance of 9.44kms!

So did we do it? This week we walked 43.88 kilometres, meaning our month score was 150.79! We done it! I have to admit, I am tired and sore and extremely glad it is now over. It was a good challenge, and it was awesome to have a goal to work towards as a lot of the time I would have preferred to be lazy at home. On the other side though, it did mean that I wasn't enjoying walks as much and was just walking them to say that we had walked a certain length each day. I want to make sure I appreciate the time I have with Diego, and the walks we go on in the future, but also know that we can achieve a lot more than we do and to push ourselves. I can't believe June is over, and that July is upon us tomorrow! This year has flown by, and it was good to have an accomplishment for this last month. It definitely has made me want to do challenges more often.

How did your month of June go?


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