Recent Dog Product Haul

Hey! Recently we have been getting quite a few new products and I thought it would be awesome to show you all what we got. We have been lucky enough to receive some free products to trial from some amazing companies as well as purchasing some of our own stuff. 

Diego is quite a puller on walks, and has been starting to hurt my one arm I walk him with. I saw Willow from Wolves of Wellington wearing a Linden Harness and was amazed by how well behaved she was. That made me need it in my life, so I purchased one for Diego and mum got one for Chico at the same time. I had been wanting an orange collar for Diego and hadn't found a good one yet, so I made sure to get his harness in orange! He is also a size medium. Chico got his in a Blue Large. We were also given a bowtie to try, and it looks amazing on Diego. It's super cute, and when you purchase you are helping HUHA

We were super lucky to be given the chance to try out some of Hippy Hounds products. We got sent a collar and leash combo, a shampoo bar and paw balm. The collar and leash are in a matching, denim blue pattern, and half-way up the lead it actually changes material. The materials flow perfectly with each other, and gives the leash something different compared to other leashes. The colour works well against Diego's fur, and is actually really comfortable to hold. The paw balm seems good, although I haven't yet trialled it enough to see the benefits. I also haven't tried the shampoo bar, but will be doing that soon as Diego is due for a bath.

Birthday Dog Treats
Back in June, our wonderful friends Richie McPaw, and his mother, Melissa gave Diego a birthday present when we went to see them in Wellington. I was so surprised, and thankful that Melissa went out of her way to get Diego a present and thought it was only right to share on here the gift and thank her for it. She got him a couple of packets of treats, which Diego has now completely destroyed. 

On Instagram, we entered a competition to be a model for DowntownDogMd and won! We got sent a package all the way from America, and received it today! They sent us two double sided bandanas for each dog, a rope collar each and a material bone each! Unfortunately, I am in Wellington so cannot get a photo until this weekend, but I can't wait to have a photoshoot with both dogs. If you are interested in purchasing anything from this amazing company, enter the code 'daisypets' to receive a 10% discount.


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