Treat Review: Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath

Hey! Recently Diego celebrated his second birthday, and for his birthday we had a Treat Haul that contained these Pooch & Mutt Fresh Breath Treats. I had never seen these treats before, and was interested in giving them a go.

Pooch & Mutt is a UK based company that is aiming to make ethical and natural treats for man's best friend. They have a range of products that aim to help with some of the most common problems in dogs, like bad breath or joints. The treats are as ethical as possible, and have PETA behind them as they do not test on animals. The treats are handmade, wheat-free and hypoallergenic so they are enjoyable for most dogs.

The Fresh Breath treats that we picked up contain chicken, parsley, peppermint oil and chicory. Not only do these ingredients help to freshen your dogs breath, they also aid in the dogs digestion. This is because poor digestion can also effect the dogs breath in a bad way. These treats are bite sized treats for Diego, and on the packet they have an actual sized picture of the treats. Due to the size of these treats, Diego can have them full, or broken in half and feel like he had a treat. Chico, however, due to being a bit bigger has to have them full to make a training treat.

We have been using these treats when out and about with Diego as an enticing treat to help train his recall, but also to do some trick training while in public. I have a treat bag that I clip to my pants, and these treats are great to keep in this as they are a crunchy treat that doesn't make a mess. Also, they smell like peppermint, so if you are around other people they are not off putting to pull out.

Diego does enjoy these treats, and will happily eat them when out in public. He also does race back in his recall to gulp down a treat! I can't say that he is over the top about them, like some of the fish treats we have had recently, but he does definitely enjoy them. I do worry a tiny bit about them as a choking hazard, but I make sure he sits and eats his treat before running off again. For a bigger dog, I wouldn't suggest them as a recall treat for that reason.

I can't say I have noticed a difference in Diego's breath since using these treats. Diego doesn't generally have bad breath. I would say that the main time he would have bad breath would be after a red meat bone, but he hasn't had one of them recently. It would be good to try these with a dog that has bad breath to see if they do make a dramatic difference in their breath. I will give an update on our Facebook Page once Diego has had a red meat bone and then given these treats to see if they do make a difference there. A thing to note now though, is that they don't make his breath worse, which could be the case with other treats, so that is a bonus for any dog.

Another pro of these treats is the packaging. They are in a cardboard tube that could either be reused for other treats, or for crafts. If you don't want to reuse, you can recycle! This is a great thing because a lot of treats are in plastic, or have a lot of unnecessary extra packaging that can be damaging to the planet. I always like to find companies that have these thoughts in their mind when creating their product and packaging.

Would I recommend these treats? Yes I would. I can't promise they are going to completely rid your dog of fresh breath, but they don't make it worse. My dogs love them, and will happily perform and recall for these treats no questions asked. The companies ethical stand point, as well as the amazing ingredients make these treats even better and something to support. I would love to try the other treats in that are available in New Zealand to compare them with each other. You can order these from if you are in New Zealand and they ship super fast which is great!

We got other treats in that Birthday Haul so if you would like us to review any of the other treats, let us know!


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