Weekend in Whanganui

This year has been quite different for us, and a lot of crazy stuff has happened to us in the last seven months. It has meant that we have been very unsettled, and have moved through a couple of houses and situations. What that means, is the current situation is me working in one city during the week, while Diego lives in a city three hours drive away. Each weekend I will be travelling up to see him and my family again. This is not the most perfect situation, but it is what works for us currently until we can settle in the city I am working in. It has been quite a mission to find a suitable accommodation for Diego and I with our current needs, but I am chipping away at it so hopefully this situation won't last for too much longer. It means that any time I spend with Diego, and my family is more important as the time is shortened. This past weekend we got up to a bunch of cool activities, and it was amazing to see everyone again. 

On Saturday morning, Diego and I went for a walk around the Whanganui river which is our usual walk that we would go on, and it was a lovely sunny but cold morning. We met a few woman and their small dogs, which Diego interacted with nicely. Diego got to run around off leash, and it was a chance for us to work on our recall and other tricks that we are currently training on.
In the afternoon, my mother and I took both dogs for a walk to the local park where we played fetch and the dogs ran around like crazies! Chico kept rushing after Diego who was chasing the ball, and afterwards both dogs were exhausted. It was cool to see both dogs having a blast around the field and interacting with each other.

On Sunday, Mum and I took both dogs down to their favourite beach. It was another amazing day and I loved being able to catch up with mum while the dogs had a great time. Diego loves playing fetch with sticks at the beach, and spent most of the time running through the surf trying to find his stick. Chico was doing his Greyhound run across the whole stretch of beach, and played with some random dogs he found along the track. This is definitely one of my favourite walks to do as you can tell how much the dogs love it, and it is quite a peaceful walk for us humans. 


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