Dog Friendly Yellow House Cafe

Hey! I am a huge fan of sitting down in the sun, with my dog, and a good coffee. Actually, I am generally just a huge fan of cafes in general. So when I can combine them all, I am straight there. That is what the Yellow House Cafe offers in Whanganui. The Yellow House Cafe is not only an amazing coffee spot, but is also dog friendly!

Located on Pitt Street, this yellow house definitely stands out. It is an old house, converted to a cafe and features lovely outdoor areas with lots of foliage. There is enough room in the outdoor areas for multiple groups and dogs, as well as having a sandpit for the children. Dogs are allowed to be in any of the outside areas of the cafe, and they also supply water bowls for any thirsty pup.

The cafe is located in a perfect spot to use as a starting, middle or end to your walk around the Whanganui River. There is an easy hour walk around the river if you go over the Dublin Street Bridge, walk along the river, back over the Railway Bridge and along Somme Parade. Depending on where you start, is where you will be able to schedule in an amazing coffee.

The coffee itself is always top notch. My mother is a flat white enthusiast and has had so many in her time that she is able to decipher a good coffee from a bad one. The Yellow House Cafe always marks well in her books. They have all the usual milk varieties, including soy, as well as a range of flavour shots that you can add to your drinks. They have a great range of cabinet goods, from slices and cakes to salads and meals. You can also order from their kitchen if you are feeling more hungry.

The staff at the Yellow House Cafe are incredibly friendly and go out of their way to help their customers. I have always had a pleasant experience when visiting, and they happily take my strange coffee order. They also are pleasant around the dogs, and have stopped for a quick chat a couple of times.

 This is a cafe you definitely will not want to miss if you are in the Whanganui area. Especially on a sunny day. This is one of the cafes that my mother and I, plus the dogs, visit on the regular because we absolutely love the atmosphere.

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