Husky Puppy and Friends take on Dog Park

When you have a new puppy it is a known struggle to allow them off leash for a while, especially if they are a husky puppy. They definitely seem to have a mind of their own. This past weekend I got to spend a couple of hours with Mowgli, who is my friends four month old husky puppy. He is a gorgeous boy, with loads of personality but he really choses when and where he listens. This has meant it has been hard for my friend Scott to get some vital off leash exercise for Mowgli.

A great solution for this was that I suggested we head to the Ian Galloway Dog Exercise Park with another friend and his dogs. Ian Galloway is a large fenced dog park that allows dogs of all sizes and breeds to interact together. The fences are high enough that it would be nearly impossible for a dog to get out while the owners are about, and each entry has double gate entry meaning that chances of escapees are reduced significantly. Our other friends dogs were older and had been trained to be allowed off leash, however they still had an amazing time exploring the area.

One problem at the park at this time of the year was how muddy the grounds were. Nearly all of the park had been turned into a sludge of mud. Some areas were so bad that they were bordering on swamp like. As the dogs were running around some areas would cause huge splashes of mud to come off them, and in others the dogs would just get shorter as they ran through a deeper section of mud. This did't deter the dogs at all, but it sure made a messy car and lots of clean up when at home.

Unfortunately Diego couldn't come as he is still in Whanganui while I am in Wellington, but fingers crossed that over the next few months that changes and Diego will be reunited with his Wellington friends. We did meet a beautiful Greyhound at the park, which for his first time at the park he done amazingly well. He joined into all the doggy games and didn't let anything faze him! He was wearing a muzzle just in case while a little dog was around, but once it was just the big dogs the owners took that off him so he could enjoy himself fully.


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