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October Craziness

What a crazy last week I have had! October has not only flown by, it also has been so jammed packed with events and activities that I couldn't even fully get into the Halloween spirit. I apologise that I never got around to posting any Halloween themed posts but I can happily say that regular posts will pick back up shortly (big things are looming).

This past weekend I helped my mother shift house, which is a terrible task within itself, add to that she has two children (not including me), two dogs, two guinea pigs, a bird, three chickens and three cats to move, you can imagine how hectic that weekend was! This new house is adorable, and reminds me so much of a cottage. As I am writing this it already feels like home, in the way that my mother can only seem to make a house, and all the animals and children are happily settled in. She has a massive yard here, which Chico runs around at full speed whenever he gets super excited, and has enough room for a great game of fetch with Die…

Book Review: Show Dog by Josh Dean

Hey, I haven't read a dog related book for a couple months now (I was getting into Stephen King) and am quite happy that I took that break so I could really appreciate this book. Show Dog follows the highs and lows of one Australian Shepherd's showing career over the span of a couple of years. This book delves deep into the American dog showing circuit, and as the writer Josh Dean is not a dog owner, or shower, it explains everything so that the most inexperienced person would understand. It gives you a rare look into the lives of people who base their whole existence around dog showing and breeding.

Josh Dean was on the lookout for a single dog to be the star of his book, and wanted to make sure he found the perfect dog that would show the many ups and downs of dog showing. In the end, he chose Jack, an Australian Shepherd owned by single mother, and until Jack, not a dog show attendee, Kimberley. He follows Jacks story, from the start of his showing days, until he semi-retir…

Goodbye Daisy, three years on

Grief is a strange feeling, and one that is not easily explained to the outsider. I don't think it matters who, or what has left from your life, the experience of grief is different to each person experiencing it. The loss of a dog leaves a big hole in your life and people who have not had the love of a dog may not understand why you are mourning for so long or so deep. It is even harder to explain that after three years, and having a new dog, that I still feel down around this time of year.

Daisy was my first dog that I truly owned, and wasn't just the family mutt. She was there through a lot of my growth years from 10 - 19 years old, where my life appeared to always be in utter turmoil. Looking back now, it most definitely wasn't, but young minds always believe that everything is a big deal. She was the one constant in my life as my parents split up, I went to intermediate, then college, had my first boyfriend, lost my first boyfriend, moved house plenty of times, left s…

Out of the Conventional: Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanse

I can't say I am a regular full face make up wearer, I am more of the 'I need to put on mascara and eyebrows just to be presentable' group of people. However, because I do wear this on a daily basis, I do want a product that will remove my makeup effectively, without too much wear and tear on my eyes. I also want something that is not harming the animals in any way, and reducing its risk to the environment as much as possible. Add to that I also have extremely sensitive skin that will rash at the drop of a hat, and I really have trouble finding a decent product. So when that product comes into my life I must share it with everyone I know. That product is 'Oil Cleanse' from Tailor Skincare!

Tailor Skincare is a Wellington based grassroots company that is dedicated to making natural skincare that isn't harming to the environment or animals in its manufacturing process. The Founder Sara Quilter was working in California, USA when she learnt about what products were…