Out of the Conventional: Tailor Skincare Oil Cleanse

I can't say I am a regular full face make up wearer, I am more of the 'I need to put on mascara and eyebrows just to be presentable' group of people. However, because I do wear this on a daily basis, I do want a product that will remove my makeup effectively, without too much wear and tear on my eyes. I also want something that is not harming the animals in any way, and reducing its risk to the environment as much as possible. Add to that I also have extremely sensitive skin that will rash at the drop of a hat, and I really have trouble finding a decent product. So when that product comes into my life I must share it with everyone I know. That product is 'Oil Cleanse' from Tailor Skincare!

Tailor Skincare is a Wellington based grassroots company that is dedicated to making natural skincare that isn't harming to the environment or animals in its manufacturing process. The Founder Sara Quilter was working in California, USA when she learnt about what products were currently going into the skincare products she was using, and from there decided that she didn't want to be putting all these harmful chemicals onto her face and body. Once back in New Zealand, she started making her products, one by one, and experimenting with different ingredients and mixtures until the perfect result was found. Now, Tailor Skincare has eight different products, for all different skin types, which can be used in conjunction with each other to give a great skincare regime. All Tailor Skincare products are not tested on animals, and are made from vegan ingredients with the exception of locally sourced bees wax. Their packaging is recyclable or reusable, and all their shipping packaging is either recycled packaging or boxes.

The Oil Cleanse is, as the name suggests, an oil based cleanser containing hazelnut oil and organic coconut oil. This can be used as a full-face makeup remover, including eyes, or as a general cleanse when your skin is feeling dirty, or overly greasy. It is quick and easy to apply, just massage some oil into dry skin and after 30 seconds, remove with a damp cloth. I use this product stand alone for just my eye make up removal, but if you are cleansing your full face, it is good to follow up the Oil Cleanse with the Dry Cleanse product that Tailor Skincare also produces. A great thing to mention is that on Tailor Skincare's website you can see a full list of ingredients for all their products showing that they are 100% natural, and with ingredients that you will know and understand.

I originally found this company at the GoGreen Expo in Wellington at the end of last year, where I picked up a sample of their Face Masque. I loved that product so much that I purchased their Mini Pack which contains five of their products in miniature form. I didn't really use them at all after I purchased them, until recently when I ran out of my usual cleanser and I dug into my stash for something to use. Since then, I have not gone back and am addicted to the Oil Cleanse especially.

I use waterproof mascara and I find that the oil cleanse is by far the best product that I have come across to take this off. Following the instructions of massaging the product in for 30 seconds, and then wiping clean, I am left with no makeup no matter how much I am wearing. Other products take off most of the mascara, but will leave a tiny amount that overnight will give me panda eyes. Also, it doesn't hurt or sting my eyes as a lot of makeup removers can do. My eyelids are especially prone to being dry, irritated and rashing but I have not had any of these problems since using the Oil Cleanse.

Overall, I think this is a fantastic product, that has great morals and ethics behind it, and still does the job it was created to do. I haven't found any other product on the market currently that is any where close to how effective but gentle that this one is on removing makeup from the eye area. I love the idea I am also supporting a small, local company when using this product, and helping someone who has an absolute passion for what she makes. I would definitely recommend that you give this a go if you are after a great cleanser and are keen on environmentally friendly, and natural products. You can purchase Tailor Skincare online from their website, or check out their Stockists to see if there is a store near you.


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