Amazing Martingale Collars

Hey! If you have followed us for a while, you would know that I absolutely love Bow Wow Boutique products, both their collars and the ID tags that they import in. They offer an amazing range of different patterns on their collars and leashes, and everything is of such a high quality. I didn't really know how good quality they were until I compared a collar I purchased from Bow Wow Boutique when mum first adopted to Chico, to the one my mum bought from another brand at the same time.

Both collars are of a similar Martingale design, with a thicker fabric backing with a colourful and more appealing ribbon on the outside. On Martingales there are no buckles, but all hardware is metal. Funnily enough, I purchased the Bow Wow Boutique collar as a surprise, and we both chose quite similar collars in blue shades without consulting each other.

Originally, Chico wore the other brands collar full time until he got it dirty at a beach on one walk and we changed him over to the BWB collar. For the next few months we changed over the collars every so often so they both got worn, and when one was dirty, the other would be worn. These collars were worn constantly by Chico, including on trips to the beach, park and lake.

Both collars were bought when Chico was first adopted in October of last year, and as of roughly February the other brands collar started to show signs of wear, tear and rust. The hardware was originally a 'vintage' colour, but it quickly turned rusty looking. Mum then started to use the BWB collar on Chico more, and once his council tag was placed on that one, the other brands collar got lost in the pile of dog stuff I collect.

I found the collar recently and was shocked in how poor it looked. The hardware was definitely rusted through, and had stained the ribbon of the collar so it's not even fixable with new hardware. Let me mention, that this collar hasn't been used since February, but was kept in plastic container with the rest of my animal stuff so was not exposed to the elements. It did go on a few trips to the beach while worn by Chico, but in comparison so has the BWB collar.

Bow Wow Boutiques collar has been worn almost constantly all year, and everything is still in pristine condition. Of course, the ribbon has some wear to it, but this is completely expected and to be honest, and with the crazy activities that Chico gets up to, I am surprised how great it looks. The colour on the ribbon is still vibrant, and there are no signs of rust on any of the hardware. The stitching is also in fantastic condition and there isn't any loose pieces.

All in all, I always have been a huge fan of Bow Wow Boutique, but since comparing these I am even more impressed with them. I 100% recommend these to anyone who is on the market for a fashionable, quirky collar that is going to stand the test of a dogs wear and tear. Alex, the owner, is such a lovely woman to communicate with, and super helpful to make sure you get exactly what you want. She is also dedicated to her brand and the products she is making, and you can truly see it in the quality of her products. 


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