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Christmas 2017 Gift Guide

I can't believe it's already Christmas time, it has sprung up on us! That's why my Christmas Gift Guide is somewhat late, however I have made sure all these products are still available to order online until Christmas.

Oh My Fluffy Dog Shirts
These are the most comfortable shirts I have bought all year, and not only that, the designs are amazing! Whenever I wear these tops I get a load of compliments, the large designs really bring in attention. They are made here in New Zealand by an amazing couple and their three pooches. They are constantly bringing out new designs, and I have to say I have loved every single one and have purchased every design! These are the perfect gift for a dog or gym lover in your life.
Use the code "daisypets" for 15% off all their stock for the month of December.

Wolves of Wellington Bandanas
You guys already know how much I love these bandanas since I talk about them at every available opportunity. I find these the perfect gift for a dog …

Rambling Thoughts

Hey! I have a lot of thoughts rambling around in my brain so thought it would be good to write them down. If you are here for a review, you might want to skip this post, read my others and another dog product review will be out soon (Plus Christmas gift guides).

Today, I went to my mother's house in Upper Hutt for the last time. She has officially sold her home here, and really cemented her move to Whanganui. She has been living in Whanganui for the past two years but having the home here made it seem like she still was on a holiday. Now it is real. I am truly happy for her, even though it means I can't just pop around the corner to visit her whenever I please. She has shown that no matter your age or situation, you can change your life if you want to. I am so proud of her, moving to a new city seems like an impossible task to me who has been in Upper Hutt all my life. She has done it with grace and resilience, managing to get a new job she loves, work with kids that are absol…

NZ Natural Pet Food Co. Woof Treats

Hey! We got approached by The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. to trial some of their treats and see what we thought of them. As always, these reviews are 100% Diego's and I's honest opinion, and whether something was sent to us for free or purchased by myself it doesn't sway our opinion. Especially Diego's since he has no idea at what money means.

The lovely folk sent us two packs of their Woof Freeze Dried Dog Bites to try in the flavours Wild Brushtail and Lamb. Initial thoughts is that this packaging is effective! It is white with one main coloured image on the front of your meat/vegetables that make that treat up. The rest of the front is mainly black or muted coloured writing. I adore this type of packaging. It's a 'no bullshit' approach that I really appreciate. The back is just as effective, with a clear ingredient list, important notes including the benefits of ingredients chosen (and pictures) and what it contains none of. Props to whoever designe…