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Hey! In April last year, I got a Lucky Dip Pack from Puss and Pooch  and in that package was the Furchun Cookie. At the time, Diego had a bunch of other toys so this one got pushed to the side and somewhat forgotten. Until recently. For the past couple of months, this toy has been used nearly daily so I decided to share our thoughts on it.

The Furchun Cookie is a 100% rubber dog toy, made in the shape of a Fortune Cookie. It has a slit opening the whole way around the cookie, that when squished opens up wider. This means it is perfect for stuffing with treats to make a boredom breaker. It is also light-weight, durable and comes in a range of bright colours and two sizes, small or large. We got ours in green, and I believe the large size.

What I have been doing is filling the toy with Diego's normal dog food (Orijen Adult) when I leave for work in the morning. I give this alongside a Kong toy with a mix of dog food and peanut butter. It doesn't hold a lot of kibble in it as you can see from the photos. However, Diego still takes a while to get all of the kibble out, because when there is less in it, they are harder to get out. Diego is what I would consider to be a small sized dog, and although the toy fits nicely in his jaw, he can't get the best grip to open the toy and get treats out at the same time. This makes it more of a challenge. If your dog is bigger they may find this toy too easy.

I haven't tried this toy with a soft substance like peanut butter or canned dog food. I would be worried that Diego could easily get his tongue caught in the toy if he was trying to lick out the contents. Maybe with a bigger dog it would be less of a worry. They are advertised to take peanut butter so it is by personal preference if you would want to take that risk.

The Furchun Cookie is also multi-purpose as it can also be used as a fetch toy. As we have lost Diego's favourite ball, we have had to start trialling out other toys to play fetch with. This one has been well loved by Diego as it fits nicely in his mouth, and bounces in odd directions when thrown. For me personally, the Furchun Cookie is easy to throw, and isn't too hard which can be a worry when Diego catches toys on the full.

The great thing about this toy, is even though we have used it daily, there is no huge damage to the toy. Diego spends roughly an hour chewing this, and still there is only bite marks in the rubber. No major pieces have been ripped off, or become defective. This is a big deal for Diego, as he has managed to destroy a Kong before and is known to rip toys apart.

All in all, I really love this toy, and it has been a great way to remove some of Diego's boredom while I am away at work. Anything that makes eating his breakfast more of a challenge is a plus in my mind, and the fact that this has stood the test of time is fabulous! He also hasn't mastered it yet, so even after a few months, he still finds it a challenge and takes time to remove all the treats. If you can get your hands on one of these toys I definitely recommend it.


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