Isle of Dogs 'Smile' Treats

Hey! Recently we went to the opening day of Animates in Whanganui, and were browsing the isles for new products. Immediately, the Isle of Dog treat range caught our eye with their brilliant packaging. They had a range of the treats on offer but I picked up the 'Smile' version to try out with Diego.

Isle of Dog treats are 100% natural and depending on what type of treat you get, have ingredients that naturally help your pooch. In the Smile treats there are apples to help scrub tartar and kelp which works to support the digestive system making these treats perfect for supporting your dog's oral health. The rest of the ingredients are easy to read, and stuff that you could easily find in your own cupboards. These have no nasties in them, that I even gave them a try for myself. I personally am not the biggest fan. They were a bit like cardboard for me, but still very edible!

These treats are oven-baked which makes a wonderful crunchy treat of the perfect size for any dog. They are easily broken into smaller pieces, so can be used as training treats as well. Also, a bonus is that they are not super crumbly, so you can break these indoors without risk of having crumbs all over your floors. They are in the shape of a heart, so really what more could you want?

Diego is a big fan of apple, which is something that originally drew me into these treats. The Smile treats are no exception to Diego's love, as he adores these. I have been using them recently as a training treat for learning new tricks and Diego is very keen to please. They are easy to break on the spot for ease of treating, and do not cause my hands to stink overly. I also have been taking them in a treat bag while out walking, and I love that they don't make a mess at all, but still can get Diego's attention.

The package does suggest only feeding two to four treats a day, which for a bigger dog would not be enough for a full training session. Obviously this is a guideline only, but something to consider when looking for a new treat. 

Each box of treats from Animates will set you back $20, and for that you will be getting 340g of product. This makes them obviously not the cheapest treat you could find, but also not the most expensive. I think for the quality ingredients you are getting within these treats, the price is worth it.

Overall, I am super happy with these treats, and am excited to try out the other versions. I honestly can't say I noticed a difference in Diego's teeth and gums, but I think in the long run they would have a positive impact on the overall health of his mouth. This is an exciting new brand to come to New Zealand and I am definitely going to keep a keen watch on their other products they bring over here. I would love to hear your thoughts on these treats if you have tried them. Leave me a comment below :)


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