HippyHound Collar and Leash Set

Hey! Recently, I dug deep into Diego's draws and found his HippyHound collar and leash set. This of course meant he had to add this duo to his rotation of 'outfits' that he wears during the week. I was about to re-post my review of the combo to my social media accounts, but realised I never did post a review even though we got these around a year ago now! So here's the long awaited review of our HippyHound collar and leash.

HippyHound is a New Zealand company that makes handmade collars and leashes from fabric sourced at local opshops and garage sales to get a truly vintage, rustic look. This makes their collars and leashes stand out from the crowd, and have originality you wouldn't find elsewhere. Not only are these leashes eco-friendly by using recycled fabrics, you will also be helping a good cause as 50c from every item sold is donated to dog shelters in Christchurch.

We got sent this awesome blue polka dot pattern collar and leash set. The quirky thing about this set is that half way up the lead it changes fabric to a blue checker design, but the colours are so similar it is hard to tell. I love this, it makes for an interesting leash! Both leash and collar have the HippyHound fabric attached in white writing on a black background.

Starting with the collar, it is the same fabric on both sides with a sturdier material in the middle of the fabric pieces. It has plastic hardware, with a silver leash hoop (where you connect the leash. Not sure what to call that piece). For a plastic buckle, it is quite sturdy and is hard to open. Where you re-size the leash is strong, and doesn't loosen during use. I sized it to Diego once and haven't had to re-size since.

The leash is one of my most comfortable leashes to hold while out on a walk. It is made in a similar way to the collar where the fabric is on both sides with a sturdier material in the centre. The stitching is of a very similar colour to the fabric, and is nearly lining the leash. The clip is a decently weighty silver, swivel clip.

This combo is not recommended to be allowed near water which does limit the amount we use it as Diego's favourite walks involve the river and beach. I did ignore this rule for a while and used the leash as my main leash because it was so comfortable, but after time it has meant that the clip is stiff and hard to open and close. This was mainly due to taking it to the beach, so if used as recommended I don't think this would happen as fast, if at all. Also, a note to mention is that in the place where the clip swivels, it has got some rust. Again, this is probably due to my own fault, but does mean that the clip isn't rust proof. The visible parts of the clip do not have surface rust though.

These are not ever going to be the most durable combo due to the fabrics used, and I think when buying them you need to remember that. However, I love this set for when doing a street walk, or when going out in public to cafes or around town. It is a set that is often complimented on when we are out and about, and I think it looks amazing on Diego. Also, if the leash is that comfortable for me, I figure that the collar must be nice for Diego to wear also.

Would I recommend them? Yes. I think for people who have multiple collars/leashes these would be perfect. They are quirky, individualised, make an impact and are friendly to the environment by using recycled materials. You probably wouldn't want these as your daily collar as they are not as hard wearing as other ones on the market but as part of a rotation, they really are great. I would 100% recommend the leash as I have previously said, it is amazingly comfortable in the hand. Just make sure it doesn't attend beach trips.


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