Wolves of Wellington Bandanas

Hey! I am a person that has multiple pairs of shoes, each a different colour to try and match whatever sport gear I am wearing on a certain day. I also now am trying to extend that into Diego's wardrobe because he needs to be as much of a fashion mogul as I. He does have a couple of different collars and leads, but my new favourite way to change up his look is with bandanas. I feel like they give him an extra kick to his look, and really increase his street cred. We also always get compliments when he wears bandanas out in public.

If you have been following our blog for a while you would know that we absolutely adore Wolves of Wellington. They are fellow Wellingtonians and are an awesome brother sister duo, with some pretty sweet dogs. They offer a range of quirky products that are not usually available in New Zealand, and are finally bringing New Zealand up to speed with the rest of the world in regards to cool new dog products. They also have a range of products called 'Pay it Forward' in which a portion of the profits go towards HUHA, a local animal charity. In this range they make amazing bandanas, which Diego has slowly been getting more and more of.

These bandanas are made in New Zealand, and are offered in a range of sizes to fit any dog. These are tie bandanas, which means that they are easily adjustable and can be worn alone or in conjunction with a collar. They are also offered in a variety of quirky and original prints to really stand out from the crowd. They also have the most incredible vegan leather patch with their logo engraved into it. Makes the bandanas a hundred times cooler. Diego owns three of these bandanas, and they recently released more prints which I have my eye on so it won't be long til that number increases. I have also purchased my sisters dog, Ollie one for while he is completing #300kmJune with us.

I have a few bandanas from a few companies and I think that there is a couple of main points which make the Wolves of Wellington ones stand out. The first is the fact that they are tie up. This makes them so much easier to chuck on, as I have them pre-tied and I just push them over Diego's head. I like how I can also put Diego's onto other dogs just be re-tying it and it looks snug and is a perfect fit for either dog. I find I can easily interchange them between Ollie and Diego, even though there is a huge size difference between the two dogs.

The other thing that makes the Wolves of Wellington bandanas stand out is their range of fabric prints. They find quirky, interesting fabrics, that you don't see at any other bandana company. I have had so many compliments on Diego's Mambo Bandana with people saying they love the colour combination with the pattern.

The bandanas we own have stood up to true tests with Diego often running through mud or swimming in the river. They still look as good as new, and have shown no wear or tear just yet. I think the true test will be during our walks of June as they will be worn for a lot of the walks. However, they are easily hand washed, and can be ironed to remove any pesky wrinkles if you feel the need.

If I were to suggest anything from Wolves of Wellington to first time buyers, it would definitely be any of the bandana range. They are inexpensive, with a cheap shipping option if you are only buying bandanas, and I have found arrive within the week. You also have the pleasure of knowing you are not only supporting local, but also helping out an animal charity that does amazing work for the animals of New Zealand.
If you purchase any of the range I would love to see photos of your pooch repping their new Wolves of Wellington Bandana, so use the #daisypets when posting photos to social media so I can get my Instagram stalk on.


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