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#300kmJune Week 4 Recap

Hey guys! Another week down and a lot of pavement has been stomped. A big thing I have noticed while doing this challenge, is that because I am trying to squeeze in as many possible kilometres within daylight hours I end up doing the same walks repeatedly. The ones that I know are long enough to cover my daily goal, or are flat and long enough that I can get a decent pace on. Diego doesn't seem to be as bothered by this as I am, the one we keep repeating he is allowed offleash for most of it. I personally am getting a bit bored of the same walks though, I want to explore more and take amazing photos.

Tuesday, 20th June
This day I was feeling inspired, I grabbed the camera and was going to walk super far and take some photos along the way. I didn't put the SD card in the camera. So instead, I just lugged around my heavy Cannon camera. In the end, we walked along the riverbank to Upper Hutt, where my friend picked up the camera from me and I grabbed some dinner. Once I had eaten…

#300kmJune Week 3 Recap

Hey! This past week has been a lot more chill than the previous weeks of the month. I was settling into being back at work, and also understanding what actually is 10 kilometres in terms of areas and walks I knew. Turns out, 10 kilometres surprises me daily with how far it is. Unfortunately, I done a lot of similar walks, and didn't take the camera out so there is less photos this week.

Tuesday, 13th June
I was still off work this day, so I decided to walk down to Upper Hutt city from my house which I thought would be a decent amount of kilometres. Boy was I wrong. It only just pushed 10 kilometres. It was a great walk though along the riverbanks of Upper Hutt and we stopped off at this wicked little cafe in town called Grind Coffee Lounge. The lady that works (maybe owns) it is the nicest woman I have ever met, and every time I have been in there she has been a pleasure to speak with. She also thought Diego was a beautiful creature so that made me like her even more. Plus, the co…

#300kmJune Week 2 Recap

Hello! Sorry for this being up so late, but gosh it has been both a busy and hectic past few weeks. My sister and I started our North Island road trip with Diego and Ollie, and during the week of travels managed to get four flat tyres. This meant a lot of trips to the tyre store to get it fixed, and then eventually had to go to a mechanic to get the actual bolt replaced. This meant that we didn't get to go to Auckland like originally planned, and I am so gutted we missed out on that experience. Apart from that, the last week has been an amazing time, and a true eye opener to what this month has in store.

Tuesday, June 6th
After such a long walk on Monday we wanted to take a chill day and kind of relax. First off, we headed for a walk down to the lake that is close to my dads house. It was such a beautiful day and both dogs enjoyed being able to frolic and swim in the lake. As you may know, I have been having ankle issues since a hike in February where I ripped my ligaments in my a…

#300kmJune Week 1 Recap

Hey! This is the first update in our #300km June series, and let me just start with saying that this is going to be a harder challenge than I originally thought. After five days I have really realised how much ten kilometres a day is, and I am in for a long month.

Thursday, June 1st
When I originally came up with the number of kilometres to do this month, I had based the distance of ten kilometres on this first walk, however this walk was closer to the 7 kilometre mark. I also had some technical difficulties with the GPS tracker which made Diego and I walk across the river at multiple points. It was a great first day though, the sun was shining, and it wasn't terribly cold compared to how it has been. Diego also met some young toddlers who he let pat him, and rub their faces on his back.

Friday, June 2nd
After work, Diego and I headed up to the Rimutaka Rail Trail to complete a bit of that trail. It was sunny when we set out, but as we drove further up the hill the rain started to…

#300km June Introduction

Hey! Last year we completed #150kmJune where Diego and I walked 150 kilometres within the month of June. I wasn't working at that point last year, and found that 150 was quite a challenge. I really had to push myself to make it to the end of the month.

Well, me being the crazy person I am, decided to up the ante this year by challenging myself to walk 300 kilometres within the month. The major difference from last year is that I will also be working a full time job while trying to complete all the kilometres (minus a week where I will be travelling throughout the North Island). I will also be continuing to go to the gym, have a social life, home life and remember, June is the first official month of Winter. Because of the challenge I have taken on, I have made this a fundraising event for my favourite charity HUHA. I am aiming to raise $2,500 for this charity, and this is all thanks to the amazing donations from people like you, reading this blog. Every cent counts, so please look…