#300kmJune Week 1 Recap

Hey! This is the first update in our #300km June series, and let me just start with saying that this is going to be a harder challenge than I originally thought. After five days I have really realised how much ten kilometres a day is, and I am in for a long month.

Thursday, June 1st
When I originally came up with the number of kilometres to do this month, I had based the distance of ten kilometres on this first walk, however this walk was closer to the 7 kilometre mark. I also had some technical difficulties with the GPS tracker which made Diego and I walk across the river at multiple points. It was a great first day though, the sun was shining, and it wasn't terribly cold compared to how it has been. Diego also met some young toddlers who he let pat him, and rub their faces on his back.

Friday, June 2nd
After work, Diego and I headed up to the Rimutaka Rail Trail to complete a bit of that trail. It was sunny when we set out, but as we drove further up the hill the rain started to set in. I didn't wear a rain jacket so just slowly got soaked as the walk progressed. I encountered some more problems with my Fitbit tracking system, it counted my steps, time, calories but didn't record my kilometres. Thankfully, I thought this through and took a photo of Diego and I at the 4 kilometre mark, where we then turned around making the full walk 8 kilometres. Still not the 10 kilometre mark we need to get at daily, but I think a good achievement seeings as we weren't prepared for the weather conditions.

Saturday, June 3rd
Early in the morning we drove up to Whanganui to start the first leg of our road trip so decided once we got there to hit it off with a hike up at Waitahinga Trails which is about a forty-five minute drive out of Whanganui. The walk itself was a lot shorter than I thought, but gave all three dogs a chance to run and explore and burn off a lot of extra energy. Like last time we hiked this trail, it was too foggy to see the mountains that we were promised, but did get a few good shots of the view. You will be able to see more of this walk in our first Vlog.

Sunday, June 4th
This day was a chill walk, Tammin and I walked all three dogs along the Whanganui waterfront down to Mud Duck Cafe to meet up with mum once she finished work. This is a great little cafe that allows the dogs to sit outside with us while we enjoy a coffee, and they make a great coffee! The walk itself was good, the dogs got a bit of a run around and it is always beautiful scenery around Whanganui. Once again, I had technical difficulties (This seems like a common theme) but I googled the length of our walk and it said 4.5km on Google maps.

Monday, June 5th
On Sunday afternoon we drove up to Rotorua to stay at our dads for a couple of days and had already planned to do the Black walk at the Redwoods. This is a 34km, eight hour hike through a stunning Rotorua backdrop of bush, and lakes. Let me just say, this was the hardest walk of my life, and will probably be the longest of the month. It was breathtakingly beautiful, but a lot of hard work. We stopped at the Blue Lake for lunch, and managed to come across a cafe to supply us with a coffee mid-hike. Unfortunately, we got caught in a lightening storm at the five hour mark, and although the rain was sporadic, we all got soaked through our coats. We also set off quite late in the morning, so the last hour of our trek was in pitch black with only our phones for lights. Also, at one point as it was starting to get dark we lost Diego who had chased something further into the bush. Five minutes of calling and there was no sight or sound from him, it was the worst feeling in the world. Thankfully, he came back and onto the lead he went for the rest of the trip. This was a hard trek, and I now have ailments and sores all over my body but I am so happy to say we accomplished it. I was doing so well with tracking the walk, until near the end I accidentally pressed finish on my Fitbit and it stopped tracking. I am not sure how far along I done that before I started it again but all up our hike would have been 35 kilometres, because of the extra little bit that we done around the Blue Lake to get to the cafe and it took us 9 hours.

To be on track at this stage we would have needed to have walked 50km already, at the end of week 1 we have walked 55.86 kilometres! I am happy to say that the long, terrible but worthwhile trek through the Redwoods has really pushed us forward. Now, we have to keep this lead by walking at least 10 kilometres a day and powering through. Wish us luck.


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