#300kmJune Week 3 Recap

Hey! This past week has been a lot more chill than the previous weeks of the month. I was settling into being back at work, and also understanding what actually is 10 kilometres in terms of areas and walks I knew. Turns out, 10 kilometres surprises me daily with how far it is. Unfortunately, I done a lot of similar walks, and didn't take the camera out so there is less photos this week.

Tuesday, 13th June
I was still off work this day, so I decided to walk down to Upper Hutt city from my house which I thought would be a decent amount of kilometres. Boy was I wrong. It only just pushed 10 kilometres. It was a great walk though along the riverbanks of Upper Hutt and we stopped off at this wicked little cafe in town called Grind Coffee Lounge. The lady that works (maybe owns) it is the nicest woman I have ever met, and every time I have been in there she has been a pleasure to speak with. She also thought Diego was a beautiful creature so that made me like her even more. Plus, the coffee is delicious. Armed with that coffee I then walked home.

Wednesday, 14th June
Another day, another thought that I would get more kilometres in than I did. What I had planned to do was walk through Birchville and Timberlea in Upper Hutt in a loop so I could get back home. That turned out to be less than 5 kilometres, so I added in a walk to Maoribank Bridge and then around Totora Park. Still didn't make it to 10 kilometres. This walk was also freezing, and because it was a beautiful sunny day I didn't wear my most warm outfit. Bad choices were made. I don't think I will take this route again as a lot of it forced Diego to be on lead through the streets, and it wasn't overly pretty.

Thursday, 15th June
I really didn't want to walk this day. I got home from work and despised the idea of leaving the house to try and walk for two hours. I managed to force myself out of the house and ended up having one of the best walks of the month. We walked along the river bank to Upper Hutt City again, going a bit further along the riverbank this time and there was the most incredible sunset. The sky was lit up in all different tones of orange, pink, red and yellow and made my heart so happy. I was also listening to a super inspiring podcast (Let me know if you want to hear about my podcast recommendations) so I really was feeling on top of the world for this walk. The great thing about this route is that Diego can be off leash for a lot of it, and if I didn't leave it so late in the day and need to walk the main road for their lights, it probably could turn out to be a full off leash walk.

Friday, 16th June
This day is one of those days that you hate. My friend had said that she will go for a walk with us after work (she finished at 4pm) so I waited around for her. By 5pm she still hadn't got home so Diego and I decided to finally start our walk at that hour. It was freezing. My face felt like it was going to break off in the air, and with a quick strut around in the dark, I decided to call it a day and crawled back to bed. I think this was the worst kilometres for the month, but I won't make that mistake again. Friend, no more waiting around for you ;)

Saturday, 17th June
I planned to finally complete the Rimutaka Rail Trail on this day, and not really thinking things through properly decided to go to what I decided must be the other entrance. How wrong was I? Instead, I went to a different car park which led to either the Rimutaka Rail Trail or Tunnel Gully. The trek to the Rail Trail was up hill for a lot of the way, so that wore into me especially as I had all my camera equipment with me as well. Diego and I did manage to get 17kms done, and I am proud of that effort but I do have mighty sore legs and back still to this day! The Rail Trail is a beautiful long walk, and if you go to the right car park is a flat, easy walk. A definite recommend of ours.

Sunday, 18th June
Diego's Birthday! We were lucky enough to be invited to a pet photography course of Carol Howell's where Diego was to be the model, so we headed into Wellington city for that. We parked quite a bit away from the studio (Mt Vic) and made the most of the stroll through town. Diego performed amazingly, and was an absolute star. I had been a bit worried that he would be nervous in a new area, with so much excitement going on but he took it all in his stride and I am super excited to see the photos. After that, we strolled down to the Rouge and Vagabond where we met up with Richie McPaw and his wonderful mother for a quick drink. After that, we headed back up Mt Vic to our car, and home to meet up with my best friend for birthday wines (Me drinking, not Diego).

Monday, 19th June
I am still sore from the Rail Trail walk on Saturday, as well as training legs at the gym in the weekend, my legs feel like jelly. I also have a terribly painful back that I can't seem to massage away which I think was from my camera bag on that same walk. With that complaining out the way, it meant that what was meant to be the Cannons Point walk, turned into a walk to the dam, me giving up and letting Diego go see his brother for a play and us only getting half of the kilometres we should have. What really matters though is that Diego had a great time as most of the walk was off-leash allowing him to run around like a nutter and smell all the smells. I did get some footage from this walk which will be put into a vlog shortly.

So the horrible part where I have to tally up how far behind I am. Although this week we did manage to do quite a few walks where we were at the 10 kilometre mark or above it, we had just as many days where we done half, or lower than expected. The end of week 2 we were sitting on 103.13 kilometres, and this week we hit 61.77 kilometres. This puts us at a total of 164.90 kilometres which is just over 25 kilometres short of where we are meant to be. This means to complete this challenge we need to be doing an average of 12 kilometres a day for the rest of the month. Wish us luck as we crack into the hardest part of the challenge!

Remember, all this hard work that both Diego and I are putting in is all for HUHA. This is kind of like a fun run, where wonderful people like yourself donate for the struggle that we are putting ourselves through. All donations are going straight to HUHA, so please donate now to our Givealittle Page.
Also, to say thanks for supporting us and HUHA I am also hosting some giveaways to be drawn at the end of the month. 
Every Donation to the GiveaLittle page will get you five entries.
Every comment/share on our Facebook page will get you an entry.
Every comment on Instagram will get you an entry.
Unlimited entries and some amazing prizes up for grabs :D


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