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German Shepherd Puppies!

I can't think of any better way of ending the weekend than a blog post filled with puppy photos! I was lucky enough to visit my friend who is fostering a litter of seven German Shepherd puppies. Not only are they adorable, they are some of our future Police dogs so I am excited to say I saw them when they were still little, and relatively harmless. I will be making a visit to them again this week to see how they have grown and get some more photos before they head off to start their futures. If you want to see more puppy cuteness make sure to write a comment below or on our Social Media channels so I know you all want to see it!

Diego's Birthday Bark Bag

In June, Diego turned three and his gift this year was the awesome Bark Bag Birthday Edition! Yes, this post is long overdue but I was beyond busy with #300kmJune stuff, and then getting back into the swing of normal life in July. You would have seen Diego posed oh so nicely with his Bark Bag on our Social Media channels, but now I will give you more of a chance to see what we got and our final thoughts on the Birthday bag.

First off, let's just say that the packaging of this is amazing. It came in some boring external packaging where all the postage stamps and addresses could be placed, but inside is where it really came to life. The box was originally wrapped in gift wrap (which you will see opened in an upcoming video) and then inside that layer was the signature look of the Bark Bag. Such a sleek design of the white box, with a black ribbon and card. I am a sucker for good packaging, and find that it makes any product 10 times better, so this packaging really sucked me in. The…

Final Thoughts for #300kmJune

Hey! What a month that was! I had an amazing time but gosh am I glad that it is over. I never really worked out what walking ten kilometres a day would mean. To be honest, I didn't even work out what ten kilometres was! I just doubled last years kilometre target, and starting telling people/making it happen. That is my attitude to a lot of things in life, jump head first into things without truly thinking through what it means.

This past month was a whirlwind and I am so happy that I completed all 300 kilometres that I set out to do. Not only did I have a blast, got fitter, and learnt a lot of things, we managed to raise $280 for HUHA. I have to admit, my goal of $2,500 was obviously a large stretch, and I only managed to fundraise just over 10% of that goal. BUT I believe every cent counts, and I am so thankful to all the wonderful people that donated to this cause. I think in the scheme of things $280 is the minimum we have raised over this month as people will see the lengths I…

#300kmJune Week 5 Recap

Hey! This is the last weekly recap of #300kmJune and gosh it was a hard one. We had four days to go, and on Thursday I came down with the worst sickness I have had in years. That did not stop us though and I can proudly say we made it through 300 kilometre June in one piece! Here's how:

Tuesday, 27th June I didn't want the end of #300kmJune to just be us walking back and forth to Upper Hutt as I knew that was the right distance to cross the line. So instead I decided to walk up Cannons Point with Diego, have some photoshoots along the way and actually have fun for at least one of the last walks. It was a beautiful walk, and Diego ran about the whole time. 

Wednesday, 28th June My lovely friend decided to come with us on this adventure and we headed off down the riverbank to Upper Hutt again so that I could get the days kilometres in as well as catch up from the Tuesday. We got so busy chatting that we missed the easy way to cross the motorway so had to keep walking all the wa…