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Kong Wobbler Review

Hey! Back in April I wrote a blog post on the Current Boredom Breakers that I use with Diego to keep him entertained while I am at work. I have really seen an improvement in Diego's separation anxiety since I have started to incorporate toys and treats into our morning routine. Usually he is more excited for me to leave so he is allowed the toy than actually caring about me leaving! I didn't have many different toy options though so worried that the novelty would soon wear out. Thankfully the amazing Animates sent us a package with a bunch of their toys and treats to keep Diego entertained during the day. This was a few months back and has really given both Diego and I enough time to play with the toys and really get a grasp for their pro's and con's.

The Kong Wobbler was the toy that I was initially the most drawn to as it meant I could fill it with Diego's food. I usually like to put Diego's morning kibble into a toy to make the mealtime last longer, but also…

Wolves of Wellington Kickstarter

In July, Diego and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Wolves of Wellington photoshoot for their new range of collars, harnesses and leashes. I have been a fan of the Wolves of Wellington duo and their two beautiful 'wolves' Indy and Willow since they first launched a few years back. I have multiple bandanas, harnesses and leashes from their site already and have used them almost daily. Wolves of Wellington started with importing products from overseas that we couldn't get here in New Zealand and grew from there. They launched a 'Pay it Forward' range in which Gretchen herself made rope leashes, bandanas, beds and more by hand with 10% of profits going to an animal charity.

I am so excited to announce that they have now started to grow that range to include some wonderfully crafted products that are all designed by them both. However, they need our help. They need to raise $11,000 to purchase the first round of products, so have started a Kickstarter to look a…

Top Podcasts to Listen to While Walking the Dog

Back in June, I mentioned that during our long walks trying to complete #300kmJune I would listen to a podcast, and a couple people said they would love to know what podcasts I listen to. I will start this post with saying that none of these podcasts are pet related. I am yet to find a decent pet related podcast that I like. I listened to a dog trainer one and was immediately repulsed in the first five minutes when he stated that prong and electrocuting collars are the best way to train dogs, and when he started chewing loudly into the microphone. I have never delved back into that area of podcasting.

I listen to podcasts a lot. I don't really like to do activities in silence, and due to me going regularly to the gym where I listen to music, I prefer to listen to something else for the rest of the day. I love podcasts for the fact that while doing boring adult activities like grocery shopping, cleaning the house or just general activities you can also be learning and gaining new k…

Black Hawk Review & Giveaway

Daisy passed away from liver disease and so from first getting Diego I was very aware of what I was feeding him. When I owned Daisy, I was unfortunately in a time of my life where I could not afford the top quality dog food, and just generally went for the cheapest type available at the supermarket. This isn't the best food, and a lot of the time has less real meat in it than fillers. I think this was a huge factor in her getting liver disease, and I may be wrong, but I would prefer to edge on the side of caution with Diego so I don't have to go through that again.

Diego has been having Orijen dog food since the first day I got him. I transitioned him from whatever he was eating before onto the Puppy formula of Orijen within the first week or two of owning him. I had read a lot about Orijen, what they put into their dog food and their business model appealed to me. When he got off the puppy formula we went between Orijen Adult and Fish versions. I believe in changing the prote…

Dog Friendly: Nourish Cafe

I am a sucker for a good brunch spot. I love being able to connect with someone over good coffee, and a great atmosphere. Actually, I love just being with a good coffee and great atmosphere, the other person is a bonus but not a must. However, a must for me is being allowed to bring Diego along. Most of the time I only visit cafes in the weekend so therefore generally will have Diego with me, and I don't want to be enjoying the cafe vibes while he is stuck in the car. 

In June, while we were in Tauranga I searched up 'dog friendly cafes Tauranga' and from there searched through the range of options. The top of the list, and most highly recommended was Nourish so that's where we headed. I am not from Tauranga so don't know the exact location, but would say it is out of town between Tauranga and Omokoroa. I could be completely wrong on that one. When we went there were heaps of road works around the area so I was not expecting much. Upon arrival though, we were gree…