Wolves of Wellington Kickstarter

In July, Diego and I were lucky enough to be invited to the Wolves of Wellington photoshoot for their new range of collars, harnesses and leashes. I have been a fan of the Wolves of Wellington duo and their two beautiful 'wolves' Indy and Willow since they first launched a few years back. I have multiple bandanas, harnesses and leashes from their site already and have used them almost daily. Wolves of Wellington started with importing products from overseas that we couldn't get here in New Zealand and grew from there. They launched a 'Pay it Forward' range in which Gretchen herself made rope leashes, bandanas, beds and more by hand with 10% of profits going to an animal charity.

I am so excited to announce that they have now started to grow that range to include some wonderfully crafted products that are all designed by them both. However, they need our help. They need to raise $11,000 to purchase the first round of products, so have started a Kickstarter to look at raising that capital. The way Kickstarter works is that you make a pledge to purchase their product once it has been made, if they reach the target your product of choice will be shipped out at a later date. If they do not reach target, all money is refunded to the pledgers and Wolves of Wellington have to shut shop on their dreams.  You can chose your pledge amount, and each pledge amount correlates to a certain product or group of products. Pretty much in short, it's kind of like a pre-order and you will be getting the product way cheaper than standard price, and will be helping a local business to grow.

After Diego modelled for Wolves of Wellington we were so blessed as to be given a collar and leash set in the pattern 'Indy' as well as a bandana with 'D' for Diego on it! I have been using that set ever since we got it in July and am safe to say that I am in love. So much so that Diego's council registration has been put on the collar so this one is a daily collar for the next year.

This leash is amazing! It is one of the longest leashes I own, but has multiple clips and rings so that you can adjust the length for what you like. This makes it super versatile and gives you more options when walking your pooch. With a clip at each end of the leash you can also walk two dogs with the one leash. I found this handy when walking both Chico and Diego from the car to the dog wash and back. Even with their major height difference this was a breeze to do. I also love the extra clips for easy tying up when at a cafe or quickly leaving Diego tied somewhere. I walked today without this leash and had to tie Diego up and realised what a hassle the traditional method is. This leash makes it easy, and you don't have to unclip your dog from the leash to do so! It is also a very comfortable leash to hold, and although Diego is a puller, you don't get sore hands from the material.

The collar is wicked and we have already had a tonne of compliments on it. I have had to adjust Diego's several times to get the correct length between him being able to slip it when overly excited, to wearing it all day/sleeping in it. I have finally found the correct length but during that adjustment period found it super easy to adjust and it did not budge once set. As I said above, Diego is a puller so to find collars that don't slip and go to the largest sizing is hard. This one is perfect and doesn't seem to move at all! The clip is plastic and very sturdy. It is that perfect medium between being easy to unclasp but not opening when you don't want it to. The rest of the hardware is a wonderful black metal which blends right in.

I haven't tried out the harness in the real world setting, but Diego did wear one for the photoshoot. Gretchen said they designed it to be similar to the Wildebeest Linden Harness that we absolutely love and reviewed here. The difference is that the clip doesn't slide in the Wolves of Wellington harness which means it will work for a lot more dogs but with the same great walking results.

The pattern I have is amazing and even though Diego is dark it really stands out. I have seen it on other dark and light coloured dogs and it looks amazing on all! The other three patterns are also incredible and will look fantastic on a range of dog colours, and types, and I have decided that I have to have full sets of all three. I am just waiting for my fortnightly pay to come in and I will be pledging up a storm!

I am a true believer in supporting local and helping out the small businesses within your area or country. Wolves of Wellington makes this an even more obvious choice by making and selling high-quality, beautiful products and I will always back the incredible things they are doing as a company. I would love if you could join the pack and make a pledge towards this fantastic company by visiting their Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/wolvesofwellington/wolves-of-wellington-fun-and-functional-dog-produc/community 

I can't wait for them to smash their target, and for us all to be one big pack with matching collars, harnesses and leashes!


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