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Interview with Daisy's Doggy Deli

Long time, no interview! I loved this series, and based on feedback, you guys did too! I have decided to bring it back so that we can all learn things about amazing, local businesses.

This month I am interviewing Suzanne who is the mastermind behind Daisy's Doggy Deli. Daisy's Doggy Deli is a dog treat company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Suzanne has made her business around creating natural, healthy treats for dogs without the use of strange ingredients or preservatives. She makes a range of meaty treats that are acceptable for raw-fed dogs to eat, as well as baked cookies. Suzanne is so behind her product, and wants to make the very best for the dogs she feeds that she even sent her products down to Massey University for them to test. They worked together to get a perfect product that lasts a decent amount of time, without the preservatives traditionally seen in dog food, as well as maintaining the top nutritional stats.

I first heard about Daisy's Doggy Deli at the …

Kong Easy Treat Review

We are now officially in Spring, and finally the days seem to be getting longer with the weather being slightly better. That is when Diego and I can finally come out of the Winter slumber we have been in and enjoy the outdoors once again. I will be starting to have dinners outside again and because Diego is a beggar, he will be having his Kong at the same time. Today's review is on the Kong Easy Treat which we got from Animates, and this product has made preparing a Kong that much quicker!

The Kong Easy Treat Paste is a can with 'whipped' flavouring inside, think of whipped cream you can purchase in a can, it's along the same lines! We have it in the Liver flavour, but you can also purchase Peanut Butter or Puppy (I hope this is made for puppies, and not made using puppies) flavours. The nozzle is long and thin to be easily inserted into a Kong to fill it with the flavouring. The Easy Treat doesn't need to be refrigerated so can be easily stored alongside your dogs…