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Pet Halloween Outfit DIY: Beanie Baby

Hey! This will be the last of our DIY outfit series for this years Halloween. I had a heap of others planned, however my execution of them wasn't fantastic and they looked nothing like how I intended them to. That all made me rethink my outfit ideas, and thus this one was born. It is super simple, easy to get the supplies/you already own them, and it's effective. I do think you have to be a certain age to understand the reference, as I was telling my sisters the idea and they had no clue what I was talking about. Even with that, I think it is adorable and the easiest last minute outfit to throw your pet into.

This DIY is for those that remember collecting Beanie Baby toys. They were the best toys growing up, and I was always jealous of my sisters collection. When you purchased a Beanie Baby they all had love heart tags with TY on the front, and cute personal details about each toy on the inside of their tag. This DIY is perfect for any pet you may own as Beanie Babies came in …

Daisy's Doggy Deli Halloween Treats

Hey! I pestered the lovely Suzanne from Daisy's Doggy Deli to make me some Halloween treats for the pooches. Not only did I pester though, I gave her a short time frame. I am the queen of leaving everything til the last minute, and therefore made sure that Suzanne was on the same time frame as I. She stood up to the challenge and started to test some Halloween cookie recipes for me. She had never made Halloween dog treats, nor had she any idea on how she was going to do these.

She ended up making some marvellous treats, however, unfortunately because of that quick turn around their was no real chance to test them before she shipped them off to me. This meant that when the parcel arrived (on a very hot, spring day) the icing on the mummy had unfortunately melted everywhere. It looked quite the sight, closer to marmite toast than a mummy. She emailed me her apologises, and said that unfortunately they are not promotional and she will try again next year.

I decided to still take phot…

Beetroot & Mackerel Dog Treat Recipe

Hey! I love to whip up my own dog treats from time to time to supplement those that I purchase. With Diego, I have to use treats while out walking him as a training tool, as well as some trick training at home to keep his mind busy. This means we go through a lot of treats and I prefer to make sure these are high-quality with good foods. For this Halloween, I decided to try and make some cookies more spooky by adding orange and purple foods. For this I used Diego's favourite, carrot, as well as beetroot. It is good to add vegetables to your dog's diet because they contain many health-promoting nutrients from a natural source. Many of those nutrients are the ones that are often lacking in commercial dog foods, and natural source vitamins are much more effective than synthetic vitamins.

I chose to add beetroot, not just for it's vivid colour but beets provide a great source of fiber and are particularly rich in folate, an important B vitamin for a healthy heart and essential…

Dog Halloween Outfit DIY: Mummy

Hey! I am going to admit right at the start that this tutorial is a complete fail. I have tried to complete this three times and I just couldn't master it. For some reason what I assumed would be easy and look effective, became harder and less effective the more I tried. I believe I know what could have helped the look, but after trying three times I really have just thrown in the towel. I hope that at least one of you can replicate this look but actually do a great job of it!

First off, I tried to quickly whip this up one evening before going out. Never try to do something quickly before going out. However, I did successfully dye my bandages dirty looking by using tea bags. This was a super efficient way of making the bandages look old and more worn. All I did was brew a handful of teabags in a bowl of water, dunk the bandages in and let soak for ten minutes. Then I wrung them out and hung them to dry.

Second, I then decided that I could just bandage Diego quickly up once I had a…