Cheap and Easy Halloween Outfits for Dogs

Halloween really seems to be sneaking up on us, not only is Friday the 13th tomorrow (another great excuse to dress up) but we are nearly half way through October already! If you are not DIY savy, low on time, or you don't want to spend too much on something your dog will hate wearing, this is the blog post for you!

Kmart. You either love this store or absolutely despise it. I am one of those people that love it, and when I go in for one thing, I walk out of the store with a lot of stuff I like but don't really need. However, on a recent trip I walked out with this awesome Pineapple Outfit for Diego. They had a range of fantastic outfits but I couldn't look past this one for Diego. It has stuffing at the back to give Diego a more shapely figure, is easy to do up 'coat style' and comes with a ridiculous hat. What more could one person want? 

Since then, I have seen dogs galore on Instagram sporting their new Halloween outfits. That is when it dawned on me that these are the perfect outfits for Halloween for those that don't want to put into too much effort. They look great, they make people giggle when they see them and the best part?! They are only $7! If you don't have a Kmart never fear, they now have an Online Store. I have given you enough time to purchase your dog an outfit before October 31st so you really have no excuses! 

I want to thank the awesome Instagram accounts that let me use their images for this blog post to model the other wicked outfits Kmart has on offer. TheDustyDingo and Gracie model the Spider and Taco outfits. Dollybearsworld models both the Spider and Pineapple outfits. Finally, LukaSpaniel is wearing the Pumpkin outfit. If you buy one please tag me in your photos on Social Media so that I can enjoy too! 


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