Dog Halloween Outfit DIY: Mummy

Hey! I am going to admit right at the start that this tutorial is a complete fail. I have tried to complete this three times and I just couldn't master it. For some reason what I assumed would be easy and look effective, became harder and less effective the more I tried. I believe I know what could have helped the look, but after trying three times I really have just thrown in the towel. I hope that at least one of you can replicate this look but actually do a great job of it!

First off, I tried to quickly whip this up one evening before going out. Never try to do something quickly before going out. However, I did successfully dye my bandages dirty looking by using tea bags. This was a super efficient way of making the bandages look old and more worn. All I did was brew a handful of teabags in a bowl of water, dunk the bandages in and let soak for ten minutes. Then I wrung them out and hung them to dry.

Second, I then decided that I could just bandage Diego quickly up once I had already had my makeup on. I invited my talented friend Keke.Novabeauty over to do my 'mummy' makeup so that Diego and I could have a 'couples costume' for Halloween. I thought it would be easy to make Diego's outfit for the photoshoot and we would head off to a creepy scene to take photos. I was wrong. We spent ten minutes making Diego look fantastic, then he took one step outside, shook and the whole costume collapsed around him. From there, we just piled bandages on him and hoped for the best since we had spent multiple hours getting me ready for the shoot.

Finally, I decided to make a coat pattern of bandages to replicate the wrapping pattern of mummies, but also make it easy for Diego to wear. This worked efficiently that he was able to move, chase the ball and pose in his new costume. Did it look like a mummy? No. Did it look like a runaway bride? Still no, but more that than a mummy. Least this was a quick method as all I had to do was super glue a bunch of bandage pieces together, with more draping off that can be tied onto Diego.

Learning curves. I should have got long rolls of bandage instead of these smaller pieces, however one tiny roll of bandage was $4.50, yet 100 of these pathetic pieces of bandage were only $1. I am never one to say no to a deal. I also should have got some nappy pins to attach the bandages to Diego. These would have been stronger than the tape that I used for the second attempt, and less crazy than my third attempt.

Sometimes I think maybe I think too highly of my DIY skills... I would love to see if you have successfully made your pooch into a mummy or zombie! Please tag me in your photos on Instagram and Facebook.


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