Wolves of Wellington Halloween Bandana

Hey! If you have read any of my other posts you would know I am a huge fan of Wolves of Wellington and separate from that, also Halloween. So imagine my excitement when I found out they have made a Halloween themed bandana!

This bandana is uber cute with adorable cartoon ghosts on a peach background. Diego would call the background colour 'man salmon' if he could talk because he is super masculine and doesn't like the idea of peach. I would have never chose a bandana of this colour if it wasn't Halloween themed, but since I have now seen him in it, I think we might need to branch out from his traditional blue shades.

This bandana is in the same style as their other Pay it Forward Bandanas in which it is a triangle shaped tie-up style. I love this type of bandana as it makes it super versatile, can fit a range of dogs and the dog doesn't have to be wearing a collar to wear it. With the other style of bandana where you slip the collar through the bandana I find you often get clashing colours/patterns between bandana and collar. This type you don't have that problem!

I done a full review of the other bandanas we own from Wolves of Wellington here! I think that pretty much sums up my feelings about their whole range, including this new one. I also have already received a bunch of compliments on this colour and pattern when out walking Diego. The idea of a Halloween themed bandana makes Halloween easy for everyone, and less of a task to be scary.

If you pick up a Howl-o-Ween Bandana please tag me in your photos on Social Media so that I can see your adorable pups too! Buy yours today!


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