NZ Natural Pet Food Co. Woof Treats

Hey! We got approached by The New Zealand Natural Pet Food Co. to trial some of their treats and see what we thought of them. As always, these reviews are 100% Diego's and I's honest opinion, and whether something was sent to us for free or purchased by myself it doesn't sway our opinion. Especially Diego's since he has no idea at what money means.

The lovely folk sent us two packs of their Woof Freeze Dried Dog Bites to try in the flavours Wild Brushtail and Lamb. Initial thoughts is that this packaging is effective! It is white with one main coloured image on the front of your meat/vegetables that make that treat up. The rest of the front is mainly black or muted coloured writing. I adore this type of packaging. It's a 'no bullshit' approach that I really appreciate. The back is just as effective, with a clear ingredient list, important notes including the benefits of ingredients chosen (and pictures) and what it contains none of. Props to whoever designed their packaging!

The treats are made up of 85% meat, organs and bones with the other 15% coming from vegetables and other natural ingredients that are amazing for your pooch. The first ingredient on both treats is just straight meat, lamb and wild brushtail, followed by more meat product like tripe, liver and heart. Following that is the fruits and vegetables, as well as organic virgin coconut oil, manuka honey, chia seeds, kelp, mussels and hoki liver oil. They contain no artificial preservatives, flavours or colours. No grain, gluten, wheat, corn or soy.

These treats have been freeze dried into little logs that remind me of some sort of animal poop. Due to the freeze drying they are super light weight, and easy to break into smaller pieces. Although it also means they can be quite crumbly/powdery especially when you get nearer to the bottom of the bag. These treats are perfect for hiking, or camping as they are light enough to carry in your pack and feed to your pooch as you are traveling as a treat but they can also be re-hydrated into an actual meal! This is such a new concept to me, and one I haven't seen before on the New Zealand pet food market. I love it! It works great for us, especially with Summer coming up, as we are often out hiking, exploring native bush and it's awesome that I can bring along food for Diego incase anything happens.

Changes from dry (top photo) to wet

Warning, these treats stink. Not as strong as a fish based treat, but more of a putrid smell that just gets into your nose. I may be sensitive about that though. Thankfully, the smell doesn't leak through the packaging and it's only when it is open can you smell them. They are more scented when wet. The smell also doesn't seem to stick to your hands, only the treats, and leaves your hands after a few moments.

Diego adores these treats. He loves when I get them out, and because of their freeze dried texture, he chews them easily. They are great for trick training for that reason, especially when you are training a new trick and want to overload your dog with tiny treats constantly. There isn't that time waiting for him to chew and digest the treat before giving the next, it happens pretty fast. They are also good for when out on our walks and we are working on his leash reactivity. They are smelly and enticing enough to make him leave a dog for them. That is a winner in my books.

I have decided that I am going to buy another packet to leave unopened to take on all our longer hikes this Summer. This way they won't go old, but will be there in case we get trapped somewhere and can't make it home for Diego's usual meal time. I really appreciate that this company is shaking up the treat industry in New Zealand by making an innovative new treat, with amazing quality ingredients. I think for too long New Zealand has been run by big corporates who don't really care about your dogs wellbeing and put out treats like rawhide and dentastix! (There goes any future collaboration with them hehe) I enjoy that these treats have been made with a range of different uses, and realistic uses at that. I would highly recommend you try out these treats with your pup!


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