Rambling Thoughts

Hey! I have a lot of thoughts rambling around in my brain so thought it would be good to write them down. If you are here for a review, you might want to skip this post, read my others and another dog product review will be out soon (Plus Christmas gift guides).

Today, I went to my mother's house in Upper Hutt for the last time. She has officially sold her home here, and really cemented her move to Whanganui. She has been living in Whanganui for the past two years but having the home here made it seem like she still was on a holiday. Now it is real. I am truly happy for her, even though it means I can't just pop around the corner to visit her whenever I please. She has shown that no matter your age or situation, you can change your life if you want to. I am so proud of her, moving to a new city seems like an impossible task to me who has been in Upper Hutt all my life. She has done it with grace and resilience, managing to get a new job she loves, work with kids that are absolutely infatuated with her and buy a new house on her own. She constantly inspires me, and has made me push to be a better person in all aspects of my life.

Because of the above I didn't think I would be upset by her selling her house. In all honesty I was quite happy to see the back of it. However, today as I closed the door for the last time and drove out of the driveway I was hit with a wall of sadness. This was officially closing a chapter of our lives. I had lived in and out of that home as mum had owned it, and got through some seriously dark times of my life there. It was a place of happiness, laughter and fun, and memories came flooding back to me as I reversed out of the drive.

I loved and lost Daisy within the walls of that house, and now she will be forever be there as she rests within its grounds. It's weird to think that we are moving on and leaving her behind, but I guess we will always be able to keep our memories of her alive within our hearts. I passed by her grave when leaving and although the Daisy we planted above her has now died (who decided to put a daisy in amongst trees where it gets no sun!), the circle of rocks still show me where she lays. I said my final goodbyes to her and left the grounds.

Life seems to come in chapters, and although the house in Upper Hutt has now officially closed, it's nice to know that a new chapter is opening up. Plus, all good books get better as you go on. I thought I might end up writing some inspiring, thought invoking things, but really I have none. I just think that we need to appreciate the times as we have time, but also, be able to look back fondly on memories that are now in the past.

If you got this far, well done for reading my completely raw, unedited and quickly typed up thoughts. I managed to dig out my hard drive to find some photos from that time.

Baby Schmutz <3
One of mum's chickens which would just sit in your arms
Mum's wild cat collection. She ended up having three extra cats at all times, even if she rehomed some.

Dad built this roof so that I could have Schmutz and BMO in a cage outside
When we first moved in this decaying goats head was tied to a tree in the bush 
And my beautiful baby guinea pigs
More baby animals. Mum hatched these chicks herself using a home made incubator. 
Always in need of a groom

One of mum's real cats, Missy
Terrible photo but Diego's first day at home. He was so tiny and spotty.
One of the first staged photoshoots I done with him
His first questionable dog toy

Chico's first day with us! I love this photo because it shows how far he has come. He was super nervous and was scared of everything when he first arrived.


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