Wellington Pet Expo Haul

Hey! Last weekend I headed down to the Wellington Pet Expo and not only did I pick up some awesome new things, I managed to grab a range of samples to try out. This expo seems to get better every year, and I loved the range of stalls and how passionate all the stall owners were.

Wolves of Wellington
How could I walk past the Wolves of Wellington booth and not pick up anything?! I managed to grab another amazing bandana, and this one I especially love with the frilled edging. I did wonder if this one would be a bit girly for Diego, but he definitely pulls it off! I also grabbed a Snoop from their Planet Dog range which is a great boredom breaker toy. Gretchen also threw in this treat, which I believe she said is some sort of throat!

This photo is a mix of random goodies we got. First off we got a small sample bag of Natures Goodness dog food. This is not a dog food I am interested in feeding Diego as a staple in his diet, but will use these as random treats during training. We also got a sample bag of treats from Superior. This is the brand that makes Possyum which is a great dog roll to use as a training treat. They heard that so many times that they decided to come out with their own range of treats. Will be interested to see how these go down. Lastly, we won this torch from the New Zealand Companion Animal Register. This is a database where you can register your dogs microchip. I think it's a fantastic idea and will mean that you are more likely to be reunited with a lost pet. 

We got sent a gift pack of Omega Plus products at the start of this year and absolutely adored the fish treats and oil. I have been meaning to stock up on more oil ever since then, so when I saw that they had a two for one deal I had to jump at the chance. This product is incredible and is well and truly liquid gold. They also chucked in a bunch of sample bags of their food which is also made using Salmon. This is something I could be interested in so I will see how Diego likes this! 

I love the idea of Jimbo's pet foods, and although I don't actually buy their products very much, I do appreciate the idea behind them. Adding extra raw meat, or feeding a completely raw diet is a great way to feed your dog. I usually feed Diego chicken frames to supplement his current diet, but have been looking at the idea of branching more into the raw diet. They gave us some of their treats to trial, as well as a $6 off coupon for any of their Jimbo's products. I will be making the most of that.

Nutrience is the dog food that was recommended to feed Chico when we first adopted him, and is a great food for Greyhounds. They have recently came out with this new food which has freeze dried portions mixed in with the traditional kibble style food. This to me looks like a great way of making this food even better. I got two samples, plus some coupons and will be handing everything over to my mother so she can see what Chico thinks of this food.

Who can ever turn down Orijen? I absolutely adore their food and although I recently changed over to a new kibble, this food will always have a place in my heart. I was upset when they downsized their bags and kept the same price, but people still consistently rave about this brand and Diego did amazing on it. I got given this small bag for free, and it has made me tempted to go back to either Orijen or Acana. Plus a 20% off coupon is amazing!

I've never really heard of Butch as I don't buy dog roll but supposedly this is the fancy version of the Butch dog roll. We got this as a sample, as well as this awesome dog roll cover. I will be passing these onto my mum as well, as Chico does love dog roll and it will be interesting to see what he thinks of this.

I am not 100% where this is from anymore, but can find out if anyone would like to know. I purchased this warming bed/blanket for Chico as he really feels the cold being a Greyhound. It is self warming, and your body heat will heat it up and keep the heat in. They also done a cooling bed, which when I put my hand in, felt amazingly cool. I thought they were both great ideas, and Chico needed a new bed so I am very interested to see how he likes it.

Finally, we got this adorable rabbit ice cream print from Wellington Rabbit Rescue. My friend is looking at adopting a pair of bunnies so therefore we were hanging at their stall for quite a while, chatting bunnies and staring at the bunnies they had with them. I saw this and couldn't resist as it is absolutely adorable.

If there is anything you would like more information on, or a quick review on, feel free to let us know! What did you buy at the expo? Tag us on Facebook or Instagram.


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