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Kong Genius Mike Review

Hey! If you have read my blog before you will know that I spend a lot of time, and money trying to locate the best toys and treats to give Diego during the day while I am at work. Generally I want a long lasting toy/treat that Diego really enjoys but doesn't cause an utter mess throughout my house. Animates came to the rescue and sent me a bunch of amazing toys and treats to try out, and the Kong Genius Mike was one of those toys.

This Kong doesn't look like the traditional Kong you may imagine. It is made out of the same material as usual, however instead of the beehive shape that you are used to seeing, it is a long stick. It has three sections which kind of reminds me of a triple peanut, and the openings are at either end. On each end there are pieces that cover it so it's not a huge hole at each end. Same material, same thickness.

Great, now that super boring description is out the way, let's get to the part we all care about, does it do it's job?

We got this K…

Facts about Daisy Pets

Recently I got feedback that a reader wanted more personal content on the blog, so I thought about it, thought about it some more, and then made an Instagram poll on the matter. The response was crazy! 100% response to yes that everyone would like to learn more about Diego, our daily life and just random things we get up to. I thought the perfect way to start this off would be to do a post on random facts about us, and then every Monday from now on there will be a blog post about our personal lives! Thursday posts will still be dedicated to reviews.

First I guess we start with me. My name is Morgan and I am officially an adult at 23 years old, although I would much prefer to pretend that I am still a child. Adulting is tough. I live in Upper Hutt, which is just outside of Wellington and for all extents and purposes it is easier to say I live in Wellington. I live alone with Diego and my two guinea pigs, BMO and Knuckles (If you want more blog posts on them, let me know). I work a full…

Multiple Dog Photoshoot

Hey! If you have ever tried to photograph more than one dog you know the real struggle behind what looks like a cute squad picture. I am so impressed that some people can get their dogs doing tricks together, or both looking cute at the same time. In our household, it takes fifty photos to get one half decent photo. So I thought I would share some of the photos that happen before the magic shot is achieved!

2017 Favourites

Hey! I know this is quite delayed, especially compared to everyone else's favourites. I apologise. I would love to pretend it is because I have spent the last three weeks hard at work thinking about my favourites, I haven't. Better late than never though. If you are an avid Daisy Pets follower and reader, I have a feeling you can guess a lot of my favourites but I hope to throw a couple of curve balls in there. I would also love to hear your favourites so leave me a comment on this post, on my Facebook or Instagram. I am also going to have a recap of 2017, and goals for 2018 video on our Youtube channel next Saturday, so head over and follow so you can be informed when that comes out!

Favourite Boredom Breaker: Kong Wobbler
Our Favourite Boredom Breaker product is the Kong Wobbler. I don't think this is going to be a surprise to anyone! Ever since Animates sent us this toy we have been using it frequently, if not daily before the Planet Dog Snoop was purchased, now it'…