2017 Favourites

Hey! I know this is quite delayed, especially compared to everyone else's favourites. I apologise. I would love to pretend it is because I have spent the last three weeks hard at work thinking about my favourites, I haven't. Better late than never though. If you are an avid Daisy Pets follower and reader, I have a feeling you can guess a lot of my favourites but I hope to throw a couple of curve balls in there. I would also love to hear your favourites so leave me a comment on this post, on my Facebook or Instagram. I am also going to have a recap of 2017, and goals for 2018 video on our Youtube channel next Saturday, so head over and follow so you can be informed when that comes out!

Favourite Boredom Breaker: Kong Wobbler
Our Favourite Boredom Breaker product is the Kong Wobbler. I don't think this is going to be a surprise to anyone! Ever since Animates sent us this toy we have been using it frequently, if not daily before the Planet Dog Snoop was purchased, now it's more like every second day. This is how I feed Diego's breakfast when I head off to work, and it gives Diego a good few minutes of entertainment as he has to push it around to release his food. This is also a god send for Diego's excessively fast eating habits. It is quite a pricey toy, but well worth it. Diego hasn't managed to damage it apart from teeth marks on the outside but as a puppy he did chew another one until it could no longer be done up.

Favourite Ball: AlienFlex Meteor
2017 seemed to be the year I deprived Diego of a ball that he absolutely adores. Usually it is the Planet Dog Diamond Plate Ball which has been his favourite since 2015 but he lost it at the end of last year and I never got around to buying him another. Terrible dog mum I know! Diego has had multiple balls over the year, but none have really stuck in my brain as one he keeps going back to. However, the Alien Flex Meteor we got from Animates has stuck around for multiple months, has been played with at least a few times a week and is still in perfect form. It smells like bubblegum, has a random shape, and can double as a boredom breaker if you stuff it with treats.

Favourite Tug Toy: Katie's Bumpers
I only got this toy in December, however I know this is a top quality tug toy. I have really struggled to find Diego a decent tug toy that we can play with that doesn't get ripped within a few games. This toy is made out of the same material as fire hoses and is strong! Diego and I have played with this toy a lot and it only has a tiny hole in the corner. To be honest, that corner hole is because I left him with it on accident. From our general playing he hasn't made a dent in it! The handle also has a comfortable grip which makes tug play a lot more fun for me, I was sick of getting rope burn. The size of this toy means it would be good for dogs of Diego's size and upwards.

Favourite Training Treat: Daisy's Doggy Deli Treats
I couldn't decide out of all the amazing treats that Daisy's Doggy Deli make as to which one is our favourite, so I included them all. The main three are the chicken and beef jerkies, and the chicken & turmeric sausages! Diego adores these treats, and they work amazingly for trick training at home as well as training on Diego's reactivity issues. They are a healthy alternative to the jerkies available at the pet stores and supermarkets as they are just meat. They also are super smelly, peaking even the fussiest dogs interest. Feel free to check out our blog posts for more information on them!

Favourite Human Product: Oh My Fluffy Dog Apparel 
OMFD hit the New Zealand Dog Instagram Scene recently and has just exploded. They are all over my home screen, with dog owners across the country sporting their amazing tops and hat. I understand why, I am one of them. I have purchased three shirts, a sweatshirt and hat from them and intend on purchasing a lot more. They are amazing quality, with quirky dog related puns on the front and an incredible dog face silhouette on the back.

Favourite Walk: Waiohine Gorge (Tararua Forest)
This year I completed a bunch of amazing walks, especially during #300kmJune, however my favourite has to be one that we completed at the start of the year. This was Diego and I's first time meeting Ollie and it surprisingly was a hit from the start. We went on a hike to this beautiful clearing beside a picturesque river where we sent up camp. Stayed overnight and hiked out the next day. It was an awesome hike, with incredible views and was fairly easy the whole way. The whole journey Diego and Ollie spent racing each other around and every stop they would go into full wrestle mode. It was also the hike where I badly rolled my ankle only an hour or so in, and still had to complete atleast 7 hours of walking over the next 24 hours. I would definitely recommend this one, and would look at doing it again. I also got no photos of this walk, so of course I need to go back!

Favourite Instagram: TheDustyDingo
This Instagram is one of my favourites as you can tell they absolutely love their dogs, and are also so supportive of everyone else within the industry. Recently they have revamped their Instagram to show their weekly videos of training Dusty a new trick and I love it! Mady is a super talented dog trainer, and Dusty is both clever and gorgeous. I would definitely recommend checking this Instagram out if you are interested in anyway in trick training your dog. She also has recently started a blog and her posts are great! Make sure you check that out as well while you are at it.

Diego was lucky enough to be invited to the studio to participate in a photoshoot for Wolves of Wellington's Kickstarter campaign. Gretchen was amazing to work with, and although Diego's tongue was flopping all over the show, she managed to get some wicked photos of Diego sporting their new gear. Diego is currently the face of the Shaka Harness on their website! It's so cool to see those photos all over their Instagram and website and get to know the workings behind a professional photoshoot and setting up a Kickstarter. They also gave us a personalised bandana, plus a collar and leash as thanks for helping them out. 


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