Facts about Daisy Pets

Recently I got feedback that a reader wanted more personal content on the blog, so I thought about it, thought about it some more, and then made an Instagram poll on the matter. The response was crazy! 100% response to yes that everyone would like to learn more about Diego, our daily life and just random things we get up to. I thought the perfect way to start this off would be to do a post on random facts about us, and then every Monday from now on there will be a blog post about our personal lives! Thursday posts will still be dedicated to reviews.

First I guess we start with me. My name is Morgan and I am officially an adult at 23 years old, although I would much prefer to pretend that I am still a child. Adulting is tough. I live in Upper Hutt, which is just outside of Wellington and for all extents and purposes it is easier to say I live in Wellington. I live alone with Diego and my two guinea pigs, BMO and Knuckles (If you want more blog posts on them, let me know). I work a full time job in the Government which is as boring as you can imagine it to be.

Diego is a three year old English Staffy crossed with a Miniature Long Haired Dachshund. I did get him from a pet shop. I realise that is terrible. He was from a puppy farm up in Levin where a staffy accidentally got into their bunch of breeding dachshunds so they decided to also make a quick buck off him. When I first got him he had never seen grass before and was scared of a daisy. It has been a big learning curve to teach him that not everything new is scary but he is a lot better now. He is perfect with children, can learn to get on with other animals and would never hurt a human although is nervous around males. He is dog-reactive, not in a super aggressive way but I will explain more about that in the next blog post.

As I said above, I work a full time job in an office. This means I am away from home from 7.15am til 3.45pm and Diego therefore is home alone. This is a hard thing to admit because I know a lot of people will look down on me or call me a terrible dog owner. Unfortunately I didn't really have any other choice, and I did use to come home in my lunch breaks to see him but I found this made him more anxious than needed. He has access to both inside the whole house, and the whole yard as well as having multiple toys, treats and bones to enjoy while I am gone. He did originally have separation anxiety when I got him back from living with my mum, but that has now all but gone. In the mornings when I put on my perfume he gets super excited knowing he will get his breakfast and actually couldn't care less that I am leaving.

My mother owns Chico, a retired Greyhound and my sister owns Ollie, a shepherd/collie mix. These two pooches both live up in Whanganui with them but also feature semi-regularly on my page as I love to visit and spend time with my family when I can. Diego absolutely adores both of these dogs, and if I even say Chico, Diego will get super excited and go looking for him.

I think that about does it for a personal intro! If there is anything at all you would like to know about us let me know, let's get super personal and admit all our good and bad!


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